Internet giant Amazon has launched an innovative logistics applications laboratory in Vercelli, northern Italy. As the e-commerce service provider announced in a press release on May 20, the primary focus of the lab is on technologies that will reduce the physical pressure on workers in logistical centers.

New assistive technologies include:

  • Material classification systems: The fully automated single item classification system relaxes muscles as workers no longer have to search for items in the boxes.
  • Pallet racking: The large detachable robot arm eliminates the need for forklifts to lift pallets and automatically move containers from one place to another.
  • equipment: A machine that picks up the containers and places them automatically on the conveyor belts.
  • Automatically guided cars and vehicles: Operating robots – similar to transport robots – that automatically move and carry things to people. They should reduce unnecessary steps and workers do not have to push and pull carts and containers. According to Amazon, these robots have sensors and follow preprogrammed ways to avoid colliding with people or machines.
  • RobotRobotic arms free workers from repetitive tasks such as lifting, stacking and rotating, so they can focus on more diverse tasks that robots cannot complete.

According to Amazon, the auxiliary vehicles are already in use in Italy and will also be launched in Poland and the United Kingdom; Cranes will be used in Poland and Great Britain in the future; Cargo grading systems and pallet robots are used in Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland and Great Britain. Grading robots are used in Italy, Spain and Germany. Sorting robots will be introduced in Poland, France and Great Britain later this year.

Training on new applications

Since new technologies are also being rolled out in other countries and locations, Amazon says it will provide training for all employees if these innovations need to be implemented.

“We work closely with scientists and health and safety professionals, conducting thousands of safety inspections in our buildings daily and making hundreds of changes based on employee feedback. After the introduction of new technology and team training, constant feedback helps us improve and improve. Take a leading role in developing the right technology. For yours, ”explains Stefano La Rovere, Head of Advanced Technology at Amazon Europe, who leads the scientists and lab engineers.