During the friendly match between San Jose Earthquakes and Cruz Azul (2: 0) there were scandalous events. First, a visitor fan broke into the field and collided with one of the players, then an exchange of fire took place in the stands between the fans of the two teams.

The United States and Mexico decided to use the break from the national team matches to play a sparring match between them.

The Football League club came out victorious. This fact, however, is not the main topic of news in both countries about this match due to the strange scenes that occurred during and after the match.

From the start, the confrontation of the aforementioned teams was marked by many difficult plays. After one of them, there was a struggle on the field between the players of the two teams.

At one point, a Cruz Azul fan, who stormed the field and hit the host player, decided to get involved in the confusion.

Fortunately, the perpetrator of the assault soon became incapacitated and the police removed him from the facility.

And this person was so full of this sporting event that soon a shootout took place in the stadium, which also moved to the parking lot around PayPal Park. In addition, there were many fights between supporters of the American and Mexican teams.

As a result of these incidents, at least one person with gunshot wounds and several casualties from the fighting were hospitalized.

Fortunately, neither the US media nor the police have so far failed to report fatal riots during and after the meeting. Nor did the agencies mention the number of detainees so far.

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