as he knows National Weather Service (National Weather Service) The tornado hit the ground on Friday at 20:10. At 21 minutes, he traveled just over 12 miles and did massive damage in Andover, in the suburbs of Wechtey, Kansas.

According to the NWS and the local fire department More than 1,000 buildings were damagedIncluding your local elementary school. The Wichita Eagle reported that the facility would not open until the end of spring 2022.

The tornado is rated F3 on the Fujita scale. The scale includes six categories (F0 to F5). F3 is a hurricane and The wind blows at a speed of 250-330 km / h.

This phenomenon has been immortalized in drone footage by a storm hunter and weather expert red timer.

Apart from destroyed buildings, winds cut power lines and uprooted trees. Many cars were scattered around the area.

Strong storms and hurricanes hit the central United States with the greatest intensity In early April and May. Last weekend too, there were at least a few of them. at Fort Stockton In West Texas, a fuel depot burned after a lightning strike.

Perhaps this is not the end of the bad news. omen Evan Bentley From the NWS, citing the Washington Post, called the impending weather pattern “totally crazy”. He believed that violent weather phenomena may be repeated in the central states until next Tuesday.

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