The developers have made some improvements to the store in League of Legends. What has changed?

Yesterday evening, a description of the latest update appeared in LoL – 11.4. Among the many hobbyists, hero technologies, and general modifications, there was a mention of updating the store.

This isn’t the first time that developers have made some changes since a complete change to the items and store system. But what’s new this time?

In-game store updates

The League of Legends store has seen many changes lately. Some of them relate to new features introduced in the pre-season update (including, for example, Legendary Items). To this day, some players are having trouble finding their way to the new store.

The creators decided to slightly improve the efficiency of the store, as well as add the ability to expand the window to change its size.

In the description of the official changes, you can read:

  • Now you can drag the corner of the store to resize it.
  • The Quick Exit Board received some improvements to spells. Now, it automatically rearranges spells based on what you are currently equipped with to save some time.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Further improvements can be expected over time. Players constantly send their suggestions on what could be improved.

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