The seventieth anniversary is undoubtedly an occasion to celebrate. A dinner party in an elegant restaurant should not surprise anyone. However, the problem arises when one of the most famous American actors organizes his birthday in the Russian capital during the country’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. However, it’s no secret that Steven Seagal has a very good relationship Russian President Vladimir Putin. In 2016, Putin granted the Russian actor citizenship.

Steven Seagal’s birthday in Moscow

On Sunday, April 10, Steven Seagal, known for his roles as a tough cop and commando in action movies, celebrated his 70th birthday in a big way. At the table next to the actor sat, among other things the head of Russian propaganda Vladimir Solovyevwho translated Seagal’s speech into Russian, and editor-in-chief of the state-controlled RT news network, Margarita Simonian.

Each of you is my family and friends. And I love you all. We stand together through thick and thin Seagal said as he toasted his birthday.

Steven Seagal has lost touch with reality

The famous actor was photographed several times accompanied by Vladimir Putin, Alexander Lukashenka and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

In addition to the wonderful friendship and Russian citizenship granted in 2016, Seagal also became Russia’s envoy in 2018 to improve relations with the United States. In 2021, the actor received a membership card from the pro-Russian Fair Russia party for the truth.

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According to the Guardian, Seagal described Putin’s annexation of Crimea as “very reasonable” and called the president “one of the world’s greatest living leaders”. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he has strengthened his support for Putin, and in one of his recent interviews he stressed that he is an “external entity” that bears responsibility for the positions of the two countries against each other.

The actor’s biography also included accusations of sexual harassment and assault brought against him by several American actresses. Among them were, among others, Faviola Dadis, Regina Simmons, Portia de Rossi, Jenny McCarthy and Giuliana Margils. The actor denies the charges.

Putin’s friends condemn his behavior

However, Seagal was not the only friend of Vladimir Putin. Among them, among others the French star Gerard DepardieuWho has Russian citizenship since 2013. According to the Guardian, the actor condemned the “crazy and unacceptable excesses of leaders like Vladimir Putin” in Ukraine. However, Depardieu’s comments did not appeal to Russian officials. Some of them demanded that Putin withdraw Depardieu from Russian citizenship. Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the actor “did not fully understand” the situation in Ukraine.

The decisions made by Vladimir Putin have also been criticized by an old friend of the dictator Silvio Berlusconi.

I cannot and do not want to hide the fact that I am deeply disappointed and saddened by the actions of Vladimir Putin, who has taken upon himself a very heavy responsibility for the whole world Berlusconi said at the conference of his parent party, Forza Italia, in Rome.

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