On Friday, in the municipality of Stryków (Voive. Ludzki) Officers from the Road Traffic Department at the municipality headquarters police At وودód, they stopped a bus carrying a group of people. they were on it Migrans With Iraq Between the ages of 15 and 29, they crossed the Polish border illegally. There were 37 people on the bus. Both the immigrants and the driver were detained – Commissioner Anita Soberaj reported from the press office of the County Police Headquarters in وودód during an interview with PAP, which he referred to rmf24.pl.

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“I’m afraid that when they start mowing corn, there will be a lot of dead immigrants” Report from the border

Ludzky. Among the detained migrants were seven children, including a three-year-old

The bus stopped in Stryków municipality and was to be run by a citizen Czech Republic. The organs have taken procedural steps in the case. Migrants are accused of illegally crossing the borders of the Republic of Poland. For this, they are threatened with imprisonment for up to three years. The driver who carries the kit can traffic movement Act prisons for five years.

The second bus stopped on the highway A2 by policemen from Zgierz (ódź Voivodeship). He was driving a citizen’s car Finland. There were 41 Iraqi citizens between the ages of 3 and 45 inside. There were seven children in the group. Iraqis They are being questioned by the police. Adults, as in the case of the previous group, will hear the accusation of crossing the border illegally, and the driver will answer for help with illegal activities. In total, 78 people, including seven children, were transported on two buses on Friday.

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Anniversary of the Constitutional Court ruling on abortion. Protests in several cities. [ZDJĘCIA]

“Medycy na Granicy” call for dialogue with the authorities

Doctors and doctors from the “Paramedicians at the Border” group have been helping migrants for more than three weeks Polish-Belarusian border. Because it was partially introduced in the province. However, in the Podlasie and Lublin regions in case of emergency, they cannot work in this region. All attempts to enter the area have so far been rejected.

On Thursday, the group held a press conference in in WarsawDuring which the authorities called for dialogue and to allow the entry of the state of emergency. A drama we saw with our own eyes taking place on the Polish-Belarusian border. What we have read in the newspapers or seen on the Internet or on television before is true. There are already children in the forest, and there are already pregnant women in the forest. There are already people dying of cold and hunger, Jacob Sychko of the Medicy na Granicy group said during the conference. More on this topic can be found in the article:

Press conference of the Medicy na Granicy group“Medycy na Granicy”: We invite the Ministry of the Interior and the Border Guard to start a dialogue with us

border guards. 457 attempts to cross the border illegally

in a. Saturday border guards She reported on social media that there were 457 attempts to cross the border illegally on Friday. Four Cubans and two were arrested Syrian Arab RepublicThe remaining attempts were “thwarted”. There are 1,700 people in guard posts for foreigners.

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