March 27, 2022, 16:35

We know the dates of two upcoming Steam Next Fest events – events organized by Valve, during which you can check out hundreds of demos of upcoming games. There will also be a big change related to them.

Steam Next Fest, a periodic event organized by Valve where players can test hundreds of demos of various products (mostly unreleased), appears to be very popular. The company has already announced two back-to-back versions of it. first of them will be held in June and the second in October, that is, in the same months as in Previous general.

Consider the last Steam Next Festival was February – about twelve months later Winter Festival Steam GameAnd it is a continuation – it can be considered that Valve intends to organize this event periodically, precisely on these three dates.

Its next version will start exactly on June 13, 2022 at 19:00 Poland time. It will last exactly one week and end on June 20th. The details of the October event are not yet known.

It’s worth noting that Valve intends to slightly change the Steam Next Fest formula. As of the next release, each game will only be able to participate in it once. So if you tested a demo of a production in February, don’t expect to run it again in June. Well, unless that title is released in the meantime.

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