Steam fans know the best 2020 games overnight. Let’s check which production won the most award at the Steam Awards 2020.

Named as the best game of 2020 Red Dead Redemption 2. Although the title appeared on Steam in 2019 (December 5 to be exact), Valve nonetheless ranked Rockstar in the 2020 listings. This was due to the fact that The game went on sale on Steam only in December 2019. Other GOTY favorites to lose to RDR 2 were Hades, Doom Eternal, Fall Guys, and Death Stranding.

Not just Rockstar games fans, but Half-Life: Alyx fans will definitely enjoy it. The surprisingly powerful VR game has garnered a lot of praise in recent months and has also won an award Best VR production 2020 Year of Steam Awards Jury.

Nagrody Steam Awards 2020:

Best game of the year

(Name: Hades, Doom Eternal, Full Guys, Death Strand)

The best VR game

Better together:

  • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

The fruit of love:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The most innovative game:

The best story

Best Game I’ve Had:

Best Visual Style:

  • Uri and the will of wisps

The best soundtrack

Sit back and relax:

In the struggle this year Cyberpunk 2077 was not involved (Due to the premiere in late December). Check out the game with highest marks Steam users in 2020