new series stay with me Adapted from the novel by Harlan Coben, it is an interesting and intriguing film that is watched with great commitment. Although the production is different from the original book, fans of the genre will surely like it.

stay with me – what is he talking about?

Kush Jumbo Jaco Megan / Netflix

Production from Netflix stay with me It tells the story of Megan, a stable mother who lives in a small town in Great Britain. Although Megan’s children are in their teens, she and her partner are only making plans now. Preparations for the celebration are disrupted when people from her past appear in Meghan’s life. Turns out Meghan wasn’t always what she was today. Now the facts of her past life are beginning to come to light, and she may be putting herself and her family in danger.

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At the same time, young people who are not related to the town are disappearing. They all lead to the nightclub where the gentlemen had fun before they disappeared. While an official search for the missing is underway, Officer Broome feels it’s a series of murders.

What does Megan have to do with these things? Will Prum be able to get the killer out before he attacks again?

stay with me – reconsidering

I stayedJames Nesbitt and Joe Joyner as Detectives Michael Broome and Erin Cartwright/Netflix

stay with me This is a series in which we won’t learn much from the classic crime. Instead, we get a thrilling thriller in which secrets, mysteries, and relationships play a central role.

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Secrets are important, but they wouldn’t exist without people. Remember that the creators of the series, the heroes of stay with me They are not just an element of decoration. The creators of the new Netflix series were able to distinguish not only the main character, Megan, but also apparently side characters, such as Detective Prum, Megan’s ex-boyfriend, or her old friend. Their stories are as intriguing as Megan’s, full of secrets.

stay with me – Is it really worth watching?

I stayedPoppy Gilbert i Hyoie O’Grady jako Barbie i Ken / Netflix

Thus it can be seen that filmmakers rely on contrasts and strong and distinct characters. Detective Broome is an example of a Coolie cop who is unable to adapt to the new rules of his district. Photographer Ray suffers from traumatic stress disorder, and his numerous memories cause confusion – not only in his mind, but also in the viewers’ thoughts.

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Strange and unusual heroes also appear – these are the characters of Barbie and Ken, who appear in the third episode. Their exaggerated behavior is reminiscent of scenes from black comedy or satire, and is not in keeping with the climate in which the authors live. stay with me Try to produce throughout the production season.

stay with me – opinions

I stayed

Although Blackpool, in which the events take place, is not as small as the creators of the series wanted to convince us, all the characters are related to each other in the series. Although somewhat unbelievable, such an action would be justified when it allows viewers to present an amazing plot.

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Production with Cush Jambo and James Nesbitt is also very complicated. Each subsequent episode does not provide viewers with any new clues or answers; The puzzle pieces are new puzzles related to the lives of heroes. This makes us watch the production with commitment to the end.

stay with me It is a series that shows that each of us has something to hide. And although we would like our relatives to be honest with us, this is not possible. You can’t free yourself from secrets, and the series’ plot, based on Harlan Cobain’s prose, proves that sometimes it’s worth not knowing everything. For your own good.

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