The US State Department confirms that the US and Iran will start indirect talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. The Iranian diplomat said that negotiations will take place in Qatar on Tuesday.

United States of America Iran will start indirect talks this week in Qatar On Reviving the 2015 Nuclear Deal – The US State Department confirmed earlier media reports on Monday. The Iranian side said that negotiations will start in Doha on Tuesday.

chief negotiator Iran The Iranian news agency quoted Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kinani as saying that Ali Bagheri Kani would travel to Doha on Tuesday to hold nuclear talks. About plans for talks between the United States and Iran in Qatar.

The US and Iran will start indirect talks on the nuclear deal in Qatar this weekKanisorn Pringthongfoo / Shutterstock

Negotiations to revive the 2015 nuclear deal

Iran’s talks with France, Great Britain, Germany, China and Russia, and indirectly with the United States, ongoing in Vienna on reviving the 2015 nuclear deal have been suspended. Several rounds of negotiations did not result in an agreement.

The agreement stipulated that Iran would not enrich uranium to a level above 3.67%, and in return international economic sanctions imposed on the country were lifted.

In 2018, the then President of the United States Donald Trump His country withdrew from the deal and imposed new sanctions on Iran. Tehran has also stopped complying with the restrictions imposed on it. President of the United States Joe Biden He declared his readiness to return to the treaty with Iran.

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Main image source: Kanisorn Pringthongfoo / Shutterstock