Kerr Starmer He accused the government of “wobbling everywhere” in the face of the Coronavirus crisis and making more than a dozen important turns.

The Labor leader claimed that he had stepped up his personal criticism of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson I oversee “chain inefficiency” while dealing with the pandemic.

“At the moment, one of my concerns is that the government does not have any anchor,” Starmer said. cooperative Party Virtual conference. “She is swaying everywhere.”

He said, “I think it’s 13 or 14 cycles now. If it’s one or two, I think a lot of people across the country, if the government makes a mistake and then turns back, they’ll say, ‘Well, fair enough, we’re dealing with a pandemic.”

“But when you have 12, 13, or 14 U turns, the only thing that can read is serial inefficiency.”

With new restrictions expected to be imposed in parts of England next week, Starmer criticized Trade aid package Unveiled by the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, on Friday.

He said, “The scheme that was revealed yesterday goes a little further, but there are still loopholes in it.” “I think, however, that the government has missed the guideline, and the guiding principle should be that restrictions are always accompanied by adequate economic support.

“If that had been the principle all the time, we wouldn’t be in the mess that we are in at the moment.”

Regarding the test-and-trace system, Starmer suggested that Johnson was uttering the speech rather than ensuring it worked correctly.

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“Testing, tracing and isolation is crucial,” he said. “The prime minister said we’re going to have a system that hits the world – we didn’t need that, we just need an efficient system that works.” “Hitting the world” is just Johnson’s speech.

“Get the test quickly, get the result quickly, then access the contacts so that the self-isolation works – this just isn’t working properly, which means thousands and thousands of people wandering around today who have to be in self-isolation. So, this little bit needs to be fixed.” .

Last weekend, Starmer He told the Observer That the prime minister was ruling “too late”. He said, “He’s advancing, he’s got a car accident, he looks in the rear-view mirror and says,” What’s all this? “

Johnson faced questions about ordering people to return to work and eat out to help with the system – which is widely believed to have contributed to the further infection.