SpaceX fired in Universe A series of 49 satellites aided by a Falcon 9 rocket. Launched at John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Wednesday, Jan. 19 at 3:03 time polishingWe read in the advertisement on the SpaceX website.

The Chinese were angry with Elon Musk. The satellites were about to miss each other

Starlinki over Poland in 2022 When do you watch?

Satellites that are part of the system starlink They can be viewed at night without the help of specialized equipment – your eyes are enough. The only requirement is a clear sky. The Starlinki has already been launched into Earth orbit, so we have another chance to see the “space train” in the night sky.

When can you see satellites SpaceX? The first space flight over Poland took place on Wednesday at 17:56 our time, that is, the day they were launched into space. If a person misses this phenomenon, then he will have more opportunities. The next flight will be on Thursday, January 20 at a similar time, as well as on Friday (January 21) and Saturday (January 22).

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“No matter where you watch, you will all see that the satellite will completely disappear at 17:57:28 when you go into the shadow of the Earth. Some will see it in the background of the whale and some in the Eridan” – explains a post on the profile. With your head in the stars.”

“If you’re not familiar with the constellations, that’s fine. Just watch the sky low above the southwest horizon at certain times. It’s bright, you’ll see it without any problem!” – We read.

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Starlink in Poland.  We will pay $20.  More than Americans for the cosmic Internet for MaskInternet from space in Poland. Starlink can be ordered now, but we’ll pay a fortune

Satellites pollute the sky and make it difficult to observe space

Scientists are concerned about the growing number of satellites orbiting. The presence of streaks of light caused by SpaceX satellites has increased by 20% in the past two years alone. – It was stated in an article published by the Polish astronomer Dr. Przemyslav Mroz.

The scientist from the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Warsaw and his international team investigated the effect of the increasing number of satellites on astronomical observations taken from the Earth’s surface.

At this point, the light streaks left by satellites in astronomical images are not a big problem, but their rapidly increasing numbers portend such problems in the future. Dr.’s team Przemyslav Mroz analyzed sky images made by the ZTF (Zwicki Transit Facility) project, carried out with a telescope at the Palomar US Observatory in California.

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Data collected between November 2019 and September 2021 revealed 5,301 streaks caused by Satellites Starlink. – We have noticed that the number of images in which we have seen satellites has increased in two years from 0.5%. Up to 20 percent – said Mroz, citing the Broadcasting Agency.

Scientists estimate that around 2027, when the number of Starlink satellites reaches 10,000, nearly every image at dusk or dawn will contain contamination. Highly sensitive telescopes will be at particular risk. – To avoid problems, cooperation between science and business is needed – says the scientist. – It’s unreal Think About getting rid of these satellites, he added.

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An article on the influence of SpaceX satellites on astronomical observations appeared in the January issue of the prestigious Astrophysical Journal published by the American Astronomical Society.

At the moment, the size of the Starlink satellite fleet is about 1,800 objects, and the target number is 42,000. In addition, there are other companies, including Amazon and Samsung.