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employment starfield There are many players waiting for all the information about it. Unfortunately, Bethesda is silent, and when he refers to the game in his statements, these are usually primitive references or conceptual art. More light on starfield Throw A Resetera user who turns out to be a former Bethesda employee.

According to a Resetera portal user with the pseudonym Hevy008 – verified by site administrators as the person who served as Bethesda’s Personal Artist – engine starfield It’s retarded (“a piece of crap” was said) and flying isn’t fun. In addition, the former employee spoke warmly about working in the studio and admitted it The rest of the game is at a high level. He also shared his opinion on the graphics, describing them as very beautiful, although he noted that they are not as high as the graphics. Forbidden horizon west.

According to a former Bethesda employee, starfield she has Lots, maybe a lot of content. In his opinion, the company will most likely make the game available on the scheduled date, and in the event of technical problems, it will likely cut some data. I remember that Bethesda is planning to release starfield November 11 this year. The game will be available on PC, XSX, and Game Pass.

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