April 5 2022, 19:16

Bethesda introduces us to the first companion who will be able to join the player character in Starfield. This is VASCO – Constellation Expeditionary Robot. Thus, we can watch some scenes on the game engine, but there are not many of them.

So far, father. starfield more We found out From the mouth of their makers, rather than promotional materials – especially those on the game engine. There is still some time until the premiere scheduled for November 11, 2022, but that situation is slowly changing. Yesterday a bunch hit the net Unofficial shots From the old version of the game Bethesda, and today the Artistic Director of the project Istvan Pely, Introduced closer to one of his comrades – the exploration robot of Constellation named VASCOany We met A few weeks ago.

It is one of the first models created by any existing model in the world starfield Lunar Robotics Corporation. Thanks to its adaptation to space and land travel, VASCO should be a great companion. The robot also has defensive skillsBut its default routing is quite peaceful.

The colors that adorn Vasco – that is, white and red – are the colors of the constellations. Years of service made them fade a bit. However, it can be said that it thus reflects the experience gained by the machine.

Certainly Vasco will not be a single companion, whose help we will be able to use in the new game by Todd Howard and co. Everything indicates that the marketing campaign is taking off forever – it can be assumed that we will learn about the following campaigns soon.

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