December 7, 2021, 09:22

A new Star Wars: Hunters movie trailer has been released online. It has wide parts of gameplay and features new heroes created specifically for this game.

Star Wars: NUTSHELL’s Hunters:

  1. Developer: natural movement
  2. publisher: Zynga
  3. Type: Online action game
  4. Platforms: iOS, AND and Switch
  5. business model: Free to play
  6. Release date in Europe: 2022 p.

A new trailer for the project has been released Star Wars: Hunters, which is an integral part of the universe star Wars Online battle game by Natural Motion and Zynga.

The trailer consists mostly of snippets of gameplay and gives you a good idea of ​​what the full game will offer. We will be watching the events from the camera placed behind the character’s back, and the fun will turn into skilful skirmishes between two teams of four players.

atypical feature Star Wars: Hunters There will be no known heroes from other embodiments of the brand. It is true that the game features many unique characters, but all of them were created specifically for this production.

The trailer lets you see many of these heroes in action?? including. A Wookie warrior named Grozz, Rebella Zainê, Mandalorian Aran Tal, or J-3DI droid uses his lightsaber that has been programmed to believe that the Force is with him.

Let’s remember that Star Wars: Hunters It goes to the Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android mobile devices. The premiere will take place next year. Production will use a free model with small payments. Please note that a Switch Online subscription will not be required to operate the Nintendo console.

  1. The game’s official website
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