Stalker Cindy Crawford arrested

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Stalker Cindy Crawford arrested

Stalker Cindy Crawford has been arrested

The man who claimed he and the model had a baby together from the UK traveled to California and punched the star’s windows to get attention, TMZ reports.

Fortunately, the 56-year-old catwalk queen was not home at the time, and the intruder was caught by police who were called by security. The man was arrested.

After he explained the reason for his behavior, he was taken away by the authorities and arrested on charges of harassment.

It is not known if Cindy, who is married to Randy Gerber, and who has a model daughter, Kaia Gerber (20) and son Presley (22), have ever had a relationship with a man and whether he has tried to contact her in the past.

For her birthday last week, Cindy gave advice to a younger version and admitted that “life is a blessing.”

She wrote on Instagram: “The day before my birthday I looked at this little Cindy and thought what I’d say to her.”

“I would tell her to be less strict with herself, to treat herself the way she treats her friends. I would tell her that everyone gets nervous in new situations and sometimes you have to act confident.”

“I would tell her not to be afraid of messing with her — let her dance and sing, even if she’s not good at it. Let him laugh as much as possible.”

“Let him show his true face to the people he loves – it pays off. Let him practice gratitude. Let it grow and learn…Life is a blessing!”

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