Stacy Solomon She admitted that she packed her belongings and ran away from home in the middle of the night after feeling out.

A mother of three revealed that she had gathered her things and ran away from the house where she lived with her boyfriend Joe SwashWith the dog Theo and his son Rex, after getting scared.

The Free woman The committee member decided to make a dash late at night after being afraid of “the slightest noise and shadow.”

Stacy took to her Instagram Stories Saturday to tell 3.8 million followers about her terrifying ordeal the night before.

She admitted that she was afraid to stay home alone because her two sons Zachary, 12, and Leighton, eight, plus her boyfriend Joe, 38, were all out.

She fancied the moment having a cup of tea in her sister’s garden as she filled her fans with the agony of the previous evening.

“Late last night I crept out and ended up packing Theo and Rex and going to my sisters,” said Stacy, explaining the reasons for the decision to leave.

Along with a laughing emoji, she wrote: “I am a failure too, but when I’m home alone, the slightest noise or shadow bothering me.

“I miss Mr. Grumpy and the gang,” she confessed to another laughing emoji.

“I’m about to leave to come back and make sure the hedgehog and deer are fine. Happy Saturday everyone.

“Hope you are well! This weekend is finally here.”

Stacy’s night of horror came after her mother spent Friday transforming her home into a gorgeous autumn wonderland.

After getting too moody for the spooky season, the TV personality documented her journey as she prepared for Halloween in a few weeks by exploring her decorations to spruce up her family’s home in Essex.

She showcased the epic change on her Instagram, treating her followers with a peek at the leafy screen she placed around the front door.

Stacy pictured with her son Rex in some of the shots on her social media page, and they both seemed flustered with their hard work.

Her balcony is elegantly decorated with pumpkins and also huge reindeer before the festive period.

Stacy admitted to missing Joe

The star added a touch of sparkle with huge silver lanterns complete with candles and fairy lights, which looked fantastic.

“Hello Autumn” began. “Walking Autumn Wonderland … Last year I had a bit of a midlife crisis and bought the Fall Door Show for my 30th birthday, I’m so glad I did because it brought me so much joy throughout the year.

“Autumn has been on my garden fence since winter waiting to come back again. Now it’s finally back. We’ve done more at the bottom this year with more wooden wonderland theme … Autumn family of two deer and hedgehog.”

She added, “If it wasn’t too humid and rainy today, I’d let Al Qaeda sit here and make friends.”

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“Happy Autumn everyone … I hope you all are well and happy Friday. I love you all to the moon and back.”