Over 16,000 km over Skierniewice metres. Midway cycling training.

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26 April 2022

On the first day of spring, several dozen Polish cities began their official preparations ahead of the June Cycling Cup competition in the Polish capital. A month later, sometimes in a real winter halo, we recorded more than 16,000 km on the Skiernovice scale.

Although the main competition only begins on June 1, we are already seeing a lot of interest in the proposed application. 283 Skierniewice people participate in continuous trainingThis is in just over a month Travel 16,441 kilometers. He’s giving us that now Twenty-first place in the warm-up rating. When it comes to national ranking leaders, Bydgoszcz (255,000 km) leads the way, ahead of Puławy (71,000 km) and Gorzów Wielkopolski (68,000 km).

Individually, at Skierniewice they have covered the longest distances: Kristina Krauchuk (1,128.91 km), Kristina Klimek (1010.95 km) and Zbchiek Kot (892.89 km). The record holder in Poland is currently Mr. Kazimierz of Piekary Śląskie, who hit the first 4000 bikes, followed by 3.1 thousand. How much is Mr. Edward from Zduńska Wola. Iowa from Ike is among the most popular female biking, and she has already called 2.5 thousand. how much. These stats show that the cycling frenzy is in full swing! Longer and warmer days encourage you to cycle not only during weekend trips out of town, but also on the way to work or school. And that’s what this game is about, we want to show that choosing a bicycle as an alternative means of transportation is good for our health. If you want to start your adventure on two wheels, nothing is lost – the warm-up will take another month, then start forever in June.

Residents of 53 cities, who train with the Active Cities app, can warm up to the perfection ahead of June’s cup competition. In total, cyclists throughout Poland have already traveled more than 1 million km. Despite the fact that the weather was not their ally, nearly 9,000 people turned on the app and rode a bike. Moreover, our statistics show that you are shooting long distances not only in Poland, but also in Germany, Holland, Moldova, Great Britain, France, Czech Republic, Spain and Italy.

I have an application, what next?

Active cities are more than just counting kilometers for RSP fun. It is a modern and functional smartphone application that summarizes more than ten types of training, from cycling, running, swimming and rowing. It measures distance traveled, average speed, calories burned, top speed and much more. In the summary, you will find a map with the route taken, which you will share with your friends on social networks. The app is fully integrated with the Garmin Connect app. It is completely free to download.[APLIKACJA DO POBRANIA TUTAJ]

Cities Participating in RSP 2022

Białowa Podlaska, Bialystok, Bielsko-Biała, Bydgoszcz (Metropolis Bydgoszcz), Chem, Chorzow, Elblag, Ek, Zugov, Gniezno, Gorzow Wielkopolski, Grodzidens, Zorzogína Łomża, Mysłowice, Nowy ystrołóskirk, Piłóc Płock, Poznań, Pruszków, Przemyśl, Puławy, Racibórz, Radomowice, Rybnikami, Starogard Gdański, Suwałki, Świdnica, Tarnów, Toruń, Tychy, Wałbrzych, Włocławek, W, Zelona Góry, Zelona Góry.
Create a cycling community

In the competition, you decide which city and group you want to shoot kilometers. There is no greater motivation than encouraging yourself to have fun together. In 3,661 groups, companies, organizations, media, schools and universities lead with positive competition. Check if there are no cycling enthusiasts like you in your neighborhood, workplace or school.

Competition final in June

Throughout June, residents of Skierniewicz, along with other cities across Poland, will be back once again to compete for the title of best in the country. They will compete for attractive individual prizes in five categories: Men, Women, Younger and Older Participants, and Skierniewice Educational Institutions.

This is the second edition of the event, which a year ago got a lot of interest among the residents of Skierniewicz. Let us remind you that in 2021, bike meters from our city gained almost 123,000. kilometers, which translated into the excellent ninth place, for newcomers, in the country. Organized work has become a good opportunity not only to enhance the activity of the population, but also to integrate motorcycle enthusiasts in an interesting way. This goal has certainly been achieved.

Skierniewicz residents love sports and healthy competition, and it has already been proven several times during events organized by the city, the sports and recreation center and NGOs. Increased attendance, a family atmosphere and active recreation in beautiful natural surroundings or the charming streets of Skierniewice – these are indispensable elements of sports meetings in our city. We are convinced that Skierniewicz will once again be up to the challenge and drive a significant number of kilometers for their city.

This year’s final and competition will be held On July 25, at Zadębie Reservoir, during an outdoor event Skierniewica feast. There are attractive prizes to be won, including bikes for the best. We will provide details soon.

Cycling calendar, capital of Poland, Skierniewice 2022
March 21 – May 21 Training at the national level
1.06 – 30.06 – The main competition of the Cycling Cup of the capital of Poland
• June 4 – Rally, the cycling capital of Poland
• June 12 – PTTK Rally
• June 24 – Night bike ride
25.07 – final. Settlement and Presentation of Prizes – Skierniewicka Feast (Zalew Zadębie).

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