A plan to prepare for the 2022 highway season was the only topic of the Tuesday (February 1) meeting of the city’s Physical Culture and Sports Committee.

The meeting was held at the Bologna facility in Bydgoszcz at the Mujahideen. Sportowa 2, and Committee members’ questions answered by Highway President and Owner, Abramczyk Polonia, Jerzy Chancellor. On January 5th, it’s been three years since the chancellor took on the role of club president, who is constantly rebuilding his spot on Poland’s highway map.

The chancellor initially invited council members to visit the new stand and rooms in the machine park, then gave a report on the course of the 2021 season. He made no secret that last season’s aspirations were much greater. – We wanted to qualify for the play-offs. Talk to the council member. He noted that the obstacles were, among other things, injuries to Adrian Gała (during the April quarter-finals of the Polish singles championship after falling with Piotr Protasiewicz) or David Belli and captain Grzegorz Zengota. The average attendance at Abramchik Poloni matches last year was almost 4.8 thousand. Viewers, the most – about 8 thousand. People sit in the stands at 2 Sportova Street during the match against Silfast Wilkie Krosno. The club’s budget last season was about 3.7 million PLN. This – according to the consultant’s calculation – consisted of about 1.5 million zlotys obtained from city funds, that is, almost 800,000 zlotys. PLN of club sponsors, nearly 700 thousand. PLN was the proceeds from the sale of tickets and passports, and another 200 thousand. PLN is the amount of TV rights from nc+. This last point raises a lot of feelings, because in a moment – as the club president said – more money from the sale of rights may be transferred to the second-tier clubs (it is not yet known which station will broadcast these games, unofficially it is said that they will be shown on TVP Sport ). This year, the nc + contract to show the struggles of PGE Ekstraliga behind the scenes expires (there, under a five-year contract, the clubs receive payments in millions of zlotys, with nc + sharing a sub-license with Eleven Sports).

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The goal of the 2022 season – as announced by Jerzy Kanclerz – is a minimum place for the club in the playoff stage, but the team intends to fight for promotion to PGE Ekstraliga. – The squad’s composition for 2022 looks pretty good on paper – Rule. As the consultant described him, one day he managed to convince Roman Lachbaum and Latvian Oleg Mikhailov to compete in the team. Both can ride as U-24 passengers, and the latter has signed a two-year contract with Abramczyk Polonia. The chancellor also referred to the behind-the-scenes talks with Przemyslav Konecny, who came to Bydgoszcz from relegation from the first league, Jonia Tarnow. As the club president informed the council members, the conversations with club presidents from Malopolska were the most difficult in terms of this transfer. – For two days we played tennis with Prizmik Konichny and negotiated with the union authorities – Tell. Six- and seven-year contracts were signed with the pupils: Maksymilian Pawełczak and Emil Maroszek, who are currently riding in the Bydgoszcz Speedway Society.

Next season, there will be two big events in Sportowa 2. The first will take place on March 26, 2022. Mieczysław Połukard (talks are underway with TV regarding the broadcast of the event, are with both nc + and TVP, who showed this event last year), the second – On May 2, the Polish motorcycle racing team match (it is not yet clear which team Rafai Dobrocí plays, matches with the rest of the world or with the national teams of Australia or Great Britain). – I have made such a condition that the duo of Bartosz Smmarzlyk and Wiktor Brzyzemski be in this match – not hiding. Right before the league, on March 6-8, the team will hold a short merging training camp at the Onin Sugar Factory. On the first day there will be a meeting with the sponsors and a presentation of the team (there are many indications that Tomasz Golub and Zbigniew Boniek will meet the players next).

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Jerzy Chanclerz also revealed that about 70 people have applied to enlist in the new turns, 40 – to direct people (recruitment continues until February 13), and more than 100 – for volunteers. – I’m shocked that so many people want to help the club. The president admitted. At the moment, the club has already sold about 1,300 season tickets for league matches in the new season (the club estimates that this year it can earn almost 1.4 million PLN from selling tickets and season tickets). – In 2021 we had 78 sponsors, and currently there are around 60 sponsors out of which 14 are waiting for the right moment to sign contracts. I hope the record for the number of sponsors will be broken. The club has a good atmosphere and atmosphere – is a sign. The head of the chancellor believes that the club’s budget for next season may increase by about one million zlotys over last year. He also confirmed, in response to a question from consultant Lech Zagada Ziegler about player expenses, that in 2021 the club spent 2.9 million PLN on motorcyclists, and this year it could be about 600-700 thousand higher. zloty. It all depends on the player’s readiness for the season and the number of points he will score in the league match. He also confirmed that he would like Bydgoszcz to host the Grand Prix tour again (the last Tour Sportowa 2 took place in 2014). – After my deals, I know I can count on them, but there must also be cooperation with the local government on this – pointed out.

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The work must be carried out at the Bologna facility, among other things related to the replacement of lighting. It is for this reason that FC Bydgoszcz received a so-called conditional license starting in the 2022 season. The first league requirement is lighting with a power of 1200 lux, and in the case of PGE Ekstraliga – 1800 lux. Adam Soroko, director of the Bydgoszcz Sports Center, also revealed an expert opinion on replacing damaged bulbs in lighting that is about 25 years old (downloaded from Czech Pardubice in 1997). – We have old halogen lighting. It is to explain. Another issue is the issue of linear drainage, which will also be undertaken as part of the site’s renovation work. Soroko revealed that the cost of replacing lighting can be prohibitive. – I saw pictures of burning lamps. We look at the cost of this investment. If the club wins League One in October, which I hope, we will have a serious investment challenge. This will be a thick topic – he added.

The director of BCS has determined that the maintenance of the facility at Sportowa 2 in 2021 will cost about 900,000 PLN. – Approximately. 256 you. The cost of electricity amounted to PLN, 176 thousand. PLN – thermal energy and 93 thousand. PLN – water – was longer. Another 82 thousand. PLN was spent on wastewater disposal, and 35 thousand. PLN was the cost of the recent investment in roofing hydrolysis on the main platform, which was made by an outside company. Another 100,000 PLN is the cost of cleaning the facility. Prior to the first event, the seating in the grandstand on the second arch and the facility fence must be repainted.