The latest sales ranking for the past week leaves no illusions. Dune: Spice Wars has made a successful debut and is very popular on Steam.

It really is a tradition. We got acquainted with the list of the best products on Steam. on SteamDB Rank appearsWhich Summary of last week And most importantly – the main criterion is revenue.

In the lead for a while There are no major changes. steam surface Ranking first, closely followed elden ring. There is a surprise for that third placewho takes Sand Dunes: Spice Warsthat first appeared April 26, 2022.

yes real time strategy game, Set in the world of Frank Herbert, it allows players to drive One of the many factions And fight battles in harsh environment. Quoting data again SteamDBIt is clear that the title focused on a group of players and regularly drew them to the next match, and positive reviews confirm this.

Sand Dunes: Spice Wars
Image source: © SteamDB

Sand Dunes: Spice Wars

This isn’t the only premiere last week that managed to “make” it into the top ten in this ranking. Both Stanley proverb: Ultra Deluxewhat or what Rogue Legacy 2, can also brag Successful debut and good sales. close the ten Dying Light 2: Stay Humanthat recently received Update values.

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