Something like this has never happened before. Even in the best times of DPF, tournaments were played in one country, but on different tracks. Now the four – the semi-finals, play-offs and the final – will play in one place, namely in Toruń.

DPŚ 2023 will run from Tuesday 25 July to Saturday 29 July. During this time, there will be two semi-finals, a playoff tournament and a final tournament. The Polish national team will be ranked last.

In the final, we will see the winners of the semi-finals, the play-off (teams from 2-3 of the semi-finals will probably go, but there is no official information) and Poland. Eight national teams will lead in the semi-finals. Qualification will be the Speedway of Nations 2022. Assuming the Polish national team is in the SON 2022 final, six teams from the final tournament and two of the fourth-placed semi-finalists will advance to DPŚ 2023.

If, on the basis of SON last year, the list of SEM participants was compiled, it would look like this: Great Britain, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Latvia, France, Germany and the USA. However, countries such as Russia, Finland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Italy and Ukraine will not qualify.

It is already known what the team lineups will look like. It will be a team of four starting players plus a reserve, who will be a young player only.

It is known that SDW will play every three years, so we will only see one more in the 2025 season.

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At the moment, it is not known what about DMŚJ in 2023. In 2022, they are merged into SON and as part of SON Week in Esbjerg, Denmark, SON 2 will be held as the “old” DMWJ final, but equally played. It’s hard to say what awaits us in 2023. Perhaps during the week of the Junior Championships in Toruń there will be a Junior Championship final or the Junior Championship? The FIM has set five days for the Toruń DPŚ tournament, and there are four tournaments within the DPŚ, so there is one day off. Maybe the “old” DMMJ?

Let us remind you that SDW was played in the years 2001-2017 and replaced the previous DMŚ. Poland won the last DPŚ tournament played in 2017 in Liszno, and consisted of Bartosz Smárzlyk, Maciej Janowski, Patrik Dudek, Bartosz Smecta and Piotr Pawelecki under coach Marek شيشišlák. Sweden came second and Russia third.

In the following years, the DPŚ was replaced by much criticism from Polish fans of the Speedway of Nations, which is played in the form of the Old World Pairs Championship.

While DPŚ Poland won 8 times (in the 17th edition), the SON lottery became a domain for Russia, which won the first three editions, and last year the fourth was a success for Great Britain. Poland’s achievements in SON are three second and third places.