Seth Crumb: – It’s sunny and warm. We spend a lot of time with friends and family. This is a great time full of fun.

– I decided to move to Great Britain to race motorcycles there. At the same time, your father also decided to return to the British League. You spend a lot of time together sharing your passion for racing. What do you look like in this father and son relationship, is the father a supportive of you, or is he also a manager and caring for your career?

– Yes, we traveled in England last year. It’s very cool. My dad organizes my trips, acts as my manager and looks after my career.

– If I am not mistaken, your father also began to race similar motorcycles, and only then the malice appeared. How did it all start for you?

– No, my dad used to ride highway bikes all the time. I think he probably rode a road bike once or twice. Motorcycle racing is a good thing, it gives you something to chase after and always try to be better.

– Always wanted to race a motorcycle?

– no not always. I loved rugby a lot and played a lot, but damaged the growth plate in my knee when I was younger. I couldn’t run or kick the ball well. That’s when I started riding motorcycles more.

Who is your role model when it comes to motorcycle racing and why?

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– Such a person would be Evel Knievel, who didn’t race motorcycles but had to deal with some crazy stuff.

On social media, you’ve seen pictures shared with bikers Daniel Bewley and Kyle Beckley who have been in Australia for a while to visit your dad.

– Yes, they were in Australia. Sometimes I see a little malice with them. Personally, I can say that Daniel Bewley is a funny guy.

Do you watch the Polish Auto Racing League?

When we are in England, yes. But I like watching the Grand Prix on the highway a lot more, especially on the weekends where I also race. Then I go back to the hotel and watch the World Cup.

– Being the son of a three-time world champion helps in the motorcycle world, is the pressure that much more?

– Yes, it helps, I would not have done this interview, for example, if my dad was not who he is. It opens many doors.

You know Mark Webber, who, if I’m not mistaken, was one of the Silverstone Testers. Mark gives you tips?

– Yes, he and Dario Francetti came for a test day at Silverstone in 2020. They both came on motorcycles after that. My dad is a friend of Marek and that’s how I met him. Sometimes he gives me tips about driving, but we don’t always talk about racing.

Did you go to a Formula 1 race at Silverstone?

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Unfortunately, I haven’t raced in Formula 1 this year, but I think I’ll go for it eventually.

– She was injured last season. How would you sum up the year in general?

– Yes, I broke my humerus on the third turn. I had two accidents that day, it was very painful. I would sum up last season as a disaster and also a lack of any satisfaction and enjoyment.

What are your goals for the next season?

– I want to enjoy my trip more.