For the first time in history, the British won the Speedway of Nations, the world championship for teams played in the doubles format. In the final they defeated the Whites and the Reds, and for them it was one of the most unfortunate decisive races.

Coach Rafai Dobroque’s accusations were a great start to the two-day final in Manchester. After day one, Bartosz Smarzlik, Maciej Janowski and juniors Jacob Mikoviak were definitely in the lead. On Saturday, they scored a total of 40 points and were 10 points ahead of the British and 11 of the Danes.

However, Sunday’s decisive contest for the title was not well started by the Poles. At first, Janowski could not find himself. In his first two starts, he looked at the backs of all the riders. From the third round, the white and red teams did their job and confidently entered the finals.

The hosts and the Danes had an exciting battle to enter the final race in the qualifiers. In the end, after a fierce battle, the duo of Leon Madsen and Mikel Michaelsen succumbed to duo Daniel Bewley-Robert Lambert, who took full advantage of their knowledge of the track in Manchester and thanks to the 6:3 win they could think of. Final victory.

Although the Polish team got the most points after a two-day competition, they missed out on the title in the final. After a fairly even start, Zmarzlik broke through, and Janowski tried to outrun his rivals on a large scale. However, coming off the second bend, he went too far, got stuck on an inflatable ridge, and noticed a fall.

It is true that Zmarzlik won, but it was Beuli and Lambert who got past him, and could have enjoyed winning the title. Janowski eventually continued his career, but it was the last.

“Great team + Great Britain +! I would like to thank everyone for their support, especially the fans who led us to victory today,” said Daniel Bewley heartily.

“Before the finals we were in the lead, and what happened in the finals is what happened. However, the silver is not bad either. Congratulations to our competitors for their victory. As a team, we did a great job, we did our best as a team, so we are happy with the silver and it will fit into our homes” Zamarzlik commented soon.

The 2018 Motorcycle Race of Nations has replaced the team’s World Cup. Teams consist of three riders, including one rookie (at least one race must start each day). All three of its editions so far have been won by Russians Artyom Agota and Emil Sagvutdino, but they did not start at SoN this year. They made such decisions due to the continued lack of support for the Russian national team in motorsport, despite winning three consecutive world team titles.

MotoGP 2021 results:

1. Great Britain – 64 points. + win in the final
Robert Lambert 32, Ty Wenden 14, Daniel Bewley 11, Tom Brennan 7

2. Poland – lost 74+ in the final
Bartosz Zmarzlik 38, Maciej Janowski 31, Jakub Miśkowiak 5

3- Denmark – 68
Leon Madsen 38, Mikkel Michaelsen 23, Mads Hansen 7

4- Australia – 49
Max Frick 31, Jason Doyle 15, Kenan Ryo 3

5- France – 47
David Pelego 34, Dimitri Berg 13, Stephen Gorrett 0

6- Latvia – 42
Andrei Lebedev 32, Olegs Mihailov 8, Francis Gusts 2

7- Sweden – 30
Philip Hellstrom-Bangs 24, Pontus Aspgreen 4, Jacob Thorsel 2


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