The youngest of the Holder brothers has been nominated for the first 2022 Grand Prix Reserve Series, which means that should none of the regulars fight for the world championship be ready, they will be the first to make the jump to the elite group. There has been talk of the Australian behind the scenes that he might even get a permanent ‘wild card’ for next season’s Grand Prix, but in the end he has to settle for being the number one alternative.

The second substitute is Dan Bewley, who had a very successful season in PGE Ekstraliga in the colors of Betard Sparta Wrocław, in which he won the Polish championship. The Briton, as well as Holder, was said to have a chance as a regular participant, but the organizers chose Robert Lambert.

The third alternative is Andrzej Lebedev, which may come as a bit surprising. The Latvian is ahead of Jacob Mikoviak, the only pole to serve as backup in next year’s course. Motorcycle rider Eltrox Włókniarz has had a season of his life winning the Junior World Championships and a great position at the PGE Ekstraliga. For this reason, it appears that he could be placed much higher in the reserve hierarchy.

Perhaps in 2022 Miśkowiak will be able to “put on the shoes” of Dominik Kubera, who had the opportunity to appear in the Grand Prix series not only as a “wild card”, but also as a substitute for the injured Martin Vaculik. Given that Miśkowiak is only the fourth variant, it would be very difficult to do so. Speaking of Kubier, the lack of this player on the reserve roster is perhaps the biggest surprise, given his impressive performance in this year’s tournament. There was no shortage of opinions that rival Motor Lublin would be a sure fire for a permanent “wild card” if… it wasn’t polar.

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Mads Hansen of Denmark, Luke Becker of the United States and David Bilgo of France hold other positions. For some, these names can also come as a surprise.

Reserves for the 2022 Grand Prix cycle:

Real 1. Jack Holder (Australia)

Real 2. Dan Bewley (Great Britain)

Real 3. Andjis Lebedevs (Latvia)

4 Real Jacob Mikoviak (Poland)

5 Real Mads Hansen (Denmark)

6 Real Luke Baker (USA)

7 Real David Bellego (France)