– Our son Charlie will understand more and more every year. Already at this moment, noticing this special time – he pays attention to Christmas decorations and lights – adds the injured player’s wife.

The Ward family will be vacationing this year in sunny Australia, where holiday customs are different from those we meet in Europe. British parents Darcy and Lizzie Ward will visit Australia. – My family got permission to enter Australia, which was not clear because the border is still closed to tourists. Maybe next year I’ll spend Christmas in Great Britain – Lizzie Ward comments.

The last Christmas that Lizzie Ward spent in England was in 2019. Unfortunately, due to health issues, she could not take her fiancé with her at the time. It can be said with a high degree of probability that within a year the spouses will spend the holidays separately. I would like to come to Europe, but for Darcy this journey is long and exhausting. Also, my parents’ house is not accessible for people with special needs. Perhaps we will appear in Europe. It also depends on the situation with Covid-19. I’m sorry that in 2019 Darcy couldn’t travel with me to my family’s home, says Lizzie Ward, but the trip was such a torment for him.

Gifts are also an important element of Christmas. – I bought and packed all the gifts, leaving nothing at the last moment, because I try to be very organized. But I can’t say the same to my husband,” Lizzie Ward concluded with a laugh.

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