The Associated Press reported that the tested prototype of the launch missile fell vertically to the surface of the Earth, which was considered a success, but after a moment of explosion so powerful that the missile was thrown into the air again, and then fell to the ground. The ground is on fire.

The explosion happened just minutes after SpaceX announced its success. A prototype of a full-size spacecraft, according to the owner and CEO of SpaceX Elona Musca | Scheduled to go to Mars, it took 10 kilometers up, turned, and then descended over the Gulf of Mexico. Everything seems to go according to plan.

– The bright bullet-shaped ship remained intact this time upon landing, prompting SpaceX commentator John Innsbrucker, before the webcast of the landing ended, to announce the success and say “up to three times of art”, the Associated Press reported, adding that that was It was then the car space exploded.