The planning of electrical and lighting installations is one of the most important stages of building a home. Properly selected outdoor lamps allow you to emphasize the architecture, ensure safety and create a cozy atmosphere. We highlight important issues related to their selection and employment.

Areas worthy of light

The type of binding is determined, among other things, to the surrounding area. Therefore, first of all, it is worth considering those spaces that require special lighting. These include entrances, corridors, garages and utility rooms as well as terraces, pergolas and communication paths. The most important area is undoubtedly the one that covers the facade of the building with its entrance part, often taking the form of a balcony or veranda. In this case, min. Wall lamps, wall fixtures, ceiling lights – if there is a ceiling above the door and recessed spot lighting.

Another important area is all kinds of utility parts – corridors, garages, as well as buildings and utility rooms. Exterior lights ensure safe access, parking and free use of space. We can choose from a range of built-in lamps, wall lamps and solutions in the form of functional columns. The latter also works well in lighting all kinds of garden paths – Jacob Baran, Brand Expert advises [LND]. Let’s not forget about the recreation areas – terraces, gardens, gazebos. Not only functionality is important, but most of all the right atmosphere. Lanterns are an interesting solution, thanks to which we can easily create a cozy atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

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endurance test

A very important element that deserves attention when choosing outdoor lamps is the type of luminescent material and technical parameters. Lighting solutions intended for outdoor use must meet higher requirements than indoor lights. They are exposed to moisture, temperature fluctuations, wind and other factors such as insects, certain chemicals or mechanical damage..

The main factor that determines the durability of outdoor lamps is the international protection rating – i.e. IP. Indicates the degree of protection of the device provided by the housing. It is about preventing the penetration of solid and liquid foreign objects and substances into it. The IP rating consists of two numbers – the first digit (scale from 0 to 6) means protection from solid objects, and the second (scale from 0 to 8) – protection from moisture– LND Brand Expert explains.

Another factor that deserves attention when choosing outdoor lighting is IK – that is, the rating of mechanical strength, used to determine resistance to impact and other external factors. The lamps should additionally be made of solid durable materials – steel, aluminum or nylon, as well as fiberglass.

light on details

However, the practical aspect is not everything. Properly selected lighting also plays an aesthetic role in this performance – it allows to emphasize the architecture of the building, the beauty of the facade and create the expected mood. The design of the lamps is also very important. When choosing a particular model, we must follow the architectural style of the building. Modern and raw will make friends with simple fixtures, traditional – with lamps with a timeless classic. The wide range of solutions gives us virtually unlimited possibilities. It is worth choosing models that are included in the entire series – thanks to this, we have a guarantee of design consistency when choosing luminaires for different applications – Jacob Baran summarizes.

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Choosing the right outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be a complicated process. However, it should be noted that the sooner we include them in the project, the better!

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