The women’s doubles final at Wimbledon 2021 was a cosmic spectacle full of transformations. Taiwanese Su-Wei Hsieh won her third title in London.

Łukasz Iwanek

Elise Mertens and Su Wei Hsieh, the 2021 Wimbledon champions in the women's doubles

PAP / EPA / NEIL HALL / Pictured: Elise Mertens and Su Wei Hsieh, the 2021 Wimbledon champions in the women’s doubles

Wimbledon’s unsigned Wimbledon quarter-finalist and semi-finalist Wimbledon Wimbledon and unsigned Yelena Wisnina defended seven consecutive balls. In the final, the Russians played two matches, but they liked it. The title was won by Su Wei Hsieh and Elise Mertens, who lost 3:6, 3:5 to win 3:6, 7:5, 9:7. For the Taiwanese, this is the third victory in the London event.

In the first set, Hsieh and Mertens tied 3:3 with 1:3, but they definitely weakened in the end. In the last three games they scored only two points. Kudermetowa did not differ in level from the titled Wiesnina. The Russians served and came back better, they shone at the finish line and admired their reactions at the net. They changed directions very well and regulated the pace of exchanges.

In the second game, Wiesnina led the return at 3:2. At 5:4, she served victorious, but gave in to nerves. She wasted the ball in the first match by throwing it with her back. The second was defended by Hsieh with a superb shot. At the end there was a breakout with action with a great comeback from Mertens and some of them ending the Taiwanese network. There was a turn due to the Belgian playing as if in trance. The set ended when Wiesenen threw a ball in the 12th inning.

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In the third match, there was a violent exchange of blows that showed the beauty of the doubles. There were efficient returns, sharp exchanges with changes in direction and tempo, and excellent actions on the network. With two big shots, Hsieh scored two break points in 5: 3. The breakthrough occurred when there was no agreement between the ranks of the Russians and Wiesnina put forehands into the net. This was not the end of feelings for this wonderful show, because the situation was changing as in the kaleidoscope. With a great comeback, Kudermetov tried to make up for the loss.

In the eleventh inning, Hsieh got out of the way and saved a pass after defending two break points. In 6:6, Wiesnina scored a great breakout with an excellent combination of deep rebound and aerodynamic deflectors. At the crucial moment, the Russians lacked effective yield and decisiveness in the network. In the fourteenth game, the Taiwanese made two excellent goals. On the other hand, Wiesnina fouled and the score was 7:7. The final match belonged to Hsieh and Mertens, who won three more matches of 6:7. The last action champion was a Taiwanese who boasted a forehand.

In the two-and-a-half hour match, Hsieh and Mertens scored 57 of 79 on the first pass. The Taiwanese and the Belgians were broken five times and used six of the ten break points themselves.

Wiesnina, who returned after her maternity break, has claimed three Grand Slam titles. She won Roland Garros 2013, 2014 US Open, and 2017 Wimbledon with Jecatrina Makarua. In London, she appeared in the finals for the fourth time (also in 2010 and 2015). Kodermatwa’s best Grand Slam result to date was the semi-finals of the 2020 US Open.

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Hsieh now holds three Wimbledon titles with three different partners. She won the first with Shuai Peng (2013), and the second with Barbara Strycova (2019). In addition, the Taiwanese can still boast of their victory at Roland Garros 2014. Mertens won his third Grand Slam, after the US Open 2019 and the Australian Open 2021 (both with Arina Sabalenka).

Championships, Wimbledon (UK)
Grand Slam, grass pitches, total prize money of 35 million pounds
Saturday 10 July

My final ladies’ husband:

Su-Wei Hsieh (Taiwan 3) / Elise Mertens (Belgium, 3) – Weronika Kudermetowa (Russia) / Jelena Wesnina (Russia) 3:6, 7:5, 9:7

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