The National Institute of Architecture and Town Planning and the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw invite teachers who work with children aged 5-9 to spend a weekend with architecture. The meetings, scheduled for August 20-21, 2022, will be filled with knowledge and exercises that can be transferred into daily work with students.

The following issues will be discussed during the workshop:

  • How to use architecture in educational activities without expert knowledge?
  • How are architecture and surroundings used in creative activities in the school?
  • What is the architecture for each of us?
  • What tools should be used in the field of architectural education?
  • How does a school’s space affect its users and users?
  • How are changes made to learning spaces?

Registration is required for workshops. The number of places is limited.
Application form is available over here.

Workshop program:

day 1

National Institute of Architecture and Town Planning in Warsaw
11.00-15.30 Mediator: Marta Baranowska (NIAiU), Dorota Sibińska (xystudio)

  • Unit 1: Architecture for education. Why do we need an architecture education?

We will look at what architecture and space mean to each of us. How do we define it and what may thus be a common architectural education, also known as spatial or environmental education. Can we find topics related to architecture and urban space in the core curriculum? How are they included in educational activities and what tools should be used? We will use the portal created by NIAiU – Architecture for Education, in it: Resources tab, Teachers map, Archipedia section.

  • Unit 2: Small and big changes. How do you talk about space and how do you change it?
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The designer unit is led by Dorota Sibińska (xystudio), who will share her expertise in the design and implementation of quality learning spaces. We’ll focus on how to understand each other’s needs, what language to use and how to talk about space, and then how to translate conclusions into available solutions. The unit will have a practical dimension, and we’ll share tips on how to make smaller and larger changes to the spaces of schools and other educational institutions.

the second day

Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw
11.00 – 15.30 Hosted by: Hanna Zwierzchowska, Katarzyna Witt

  • Unit 1: Activate the senses, stretch the imagination. How is space used in educating young children?

The unit is devoted to studying the relationship of body structure while working with a group using simple exercises and games. We’ll do the motion, the word and the drawing. We’ll show how to include space in creative activities with the little ones.

  • Unit 2 Thinking Exercises: How to Incorporate Architecture in School Activities into Initial Teaching?

We will give examples of activities for children related to building, model making, and building. We’ll show you how to experience the space. We will perform practical exercises that can be used in class and advise where to look for inspiration!

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