New figures reveal that the Coronavirus infection rate in the South End is now twice what it was the day England entered its second lockdown.

In the borough, the case rate per 100,000 residents is now 180.2 but on November 5 it was only 88.5.

Health managers say this is in part because people violated the rules before the second lockdown.

It comes as Basildon has been highlighted as a hotspot for Covid-19 as cases continue to rise – despite cases in most parts of the province being “settled”.

Dr Mike Guogarty, Director of Public Health for the Essex County Council, has raised concerns about the situation in the region after the rate reached its highest point since the start of the pandemic.

Southend House Labor Leader Ian Gilbert said: “We are sure to see these numbers but we are not far from the rest of the country and we are still below the national average.

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A map showing the highest-case area from the Southend Council shows Chalkwale and Westboro being the hardest hit, with both registering as many as 18 new cases in the past week.

While it is only found in areas like Eastwood Park and Thorpe 6.

But there is still great cause for concern. We still do not know the next step – I think unfortunately the restrictions may remain and will be heavier than they were before the closure. ”

He added, “If cases continue to rise, we cannot reduce restrictions, but if the closure succeeds, we will see some settlement. There is some evidence of that, but it is too early to say.”

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When asked if Southend should follow the Essex County Council by moving to the tougher Level 2 in October, Gilbert disagreed.

Despite the cases across the settlement, he said there was insufficient evidence to demonstrate that it had successfully reduced cases.

Trevor Harp, a member of the Independent Council on Adult Health and Social Care, said breaking the rules was a major factor contributing to the rise in cases. He said, “We are seeing this rally as it was before the shutdown with the trigger around Halloween.

People were making the most of their ability to go outside before the lockdown. I think spikes like this are always worrying.

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Test times – Cases continue to rise in South End and Basildon

“We are seeing a different shutdown compared to the first one and some people don’t take it seriously; maybe that’s why we saw this increase.”

Tony Cox, Southend Conservative leader, was weighing down on Mr. Harp, adding, “I don’t think we should have followed the rest of Essex County Council to Level 2 where we went to the averages at the time.

“There was no logical reason to do so. To determine the next level, we need to take a broader view and look at things like the elderly.

“I don’t know what level we’re going to go to and it could be a different system but I hope we can all meet and do our part and get as low as possible – because that’s good for mental health and jobs.”

Southend Council’s director of public health Krishna Ramkelawn admitted that he was “unwise” in the government’s post-lockdown plans, adding: “We have been informed that we will be consulted soon before the prime minister makes an official announcement this week.

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He added: “All we know is that the levels will include stricter measures and the shutdown will be known officially as Level 4.”

Last month, it was announced that parts of Essex had been lifted to Level 2 Covid restrictions, and moving from Level 1 – medium alert – to Level 2 – high alert – would mean banning families mixing indoors, including in bars, while That the Six rule still applies outdoors.

The additional restrictions do not apply to Southend or Thurrock, which are unitary powers.

– But all the senior advisers

They say they can’t predict what’s coming; the rules will be enforced when the second lockdown ends.