On Saturday 9 July at 7.00pm at the Chamber Stage, the premiere of Michael Frane’s performance, directed by Jan Klata, will take place. The show will officially open the reconstructed Sopot stage.

Photo from the rehearsal / photo. Renata Dibrovska

An intricately crafted farce, whose dramatic fuel is the turmoil that arose during the production of the CO WIDAĆ show. The mobile theater troupe is ready to perform its performance in all circumstances, and regardless of any obstacles, they pile up, and with them pile up the absurdity that does not prevent the creators from theatrical struggle. The humorous play of the English comedian shows the theater, which for the artists who create it is not only a place of work, but also a home, and perhaps above all a way of life.

What can’t be seen
Based on the play by Michael Fraine
Translation: Karol Jakubowicz and Majorzata Semel
Adaptation and direction: Jan Klata
Design, Fashion and Lighting Group: Merek Kaczmarek
Choreography: Maćko Prusak

Performed by: Dorota Andros, Katarzyna Figora, Magdalena Gorzelaczic, Agata Wonica, Piotr Pedro, Jacek Lapijak, Krzysztof Matuszewski, Jacob Nusiadek, Cesary Rybinski.

Theater director: Katarzyna Wołodzko

First show: July 9, 2022 at Al Ghurfa Theater
The following shows: on July 10, 12 and 13 at the Chamber Theater

About Reconstruction

The main objective of the project was to improve the functionality of the facility by changing the design of the entrance hall, foyer and toilet, removing architectural barriers, modernizing the theater enclave, and improving the facility’s fire safety. room stage for them. Joanna Bogacka is located in a residential house in ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino 30. It has a 250 m² mobile theater and 145 seats for the disabled. The theater building, as a relatively new facility, is in good technical condition, however, after ten years of extensive use, it has turned out to be necessary to perform works that improve the functionality of the facility and better adapt to the needs of spectators, including people with disabilities. Due to the availability of financing, the scope of works was divided into phases. Phase one completed in 2020; At that time, demolition and dismantling work was carried out as well as construction work – a new functional layout, new stairs and floors were designed. The second phase, which was carried out in 2021-2022, included the implementation of finishing works, the modernization of the theater enclave, the renewal of the stage panels, as well as the delivery of the necessary equipment. As a result of the investment, the main entrance area was changed – the entrance door was replaced by a wider door, which was expanded with side glazing, the vestibule was removed, allowing free space and easy access to the cash register and toilet. Thanks to the removal of the stairs, the architectural barrier was removed and more space was created in the auditorium for the audience waiting for the show. A disabled toilet is available from the lobby level. As part of the investment, a security room was detached and a fire protection center moved. The dominant element of the lobby is a red wall in front of the main entrance and a highly reflective stainless steel ceiling. In the foyer part of the mezzanine there is seating for waiting spectators, and an additional arched partition separates the foyer space from the coat room. The floors are finished with a light, uniform quartz sintering. There are screens installed inside the hall that display current information to the viewers. A new sign was designed and made. As part of the investment, the theater enclave has also been modernized.

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The total investment cost amounted to 2,057,045 PLN and was financed from the following sources:
Autonomous Region of Pomerania: 800,000 PLN (target support 2021/2022)
Sopot municipality: 500,000 PLN (target support in 2021)
– Minister of Culture and National Heritage: 300 thousand (Cultural Infrastructure Program 2020)
– State budget: 300,000 PLN (support targeted in 2021)
– Wybrzeże Theater funds: 113,465 PLN (2020, 2022)