For several days, the youngest readers can visit the new headquarters of Miniteka. Sopot Library branch moved to Joiki Street. We’ve been told about the changes by, among others, Sopot Library Manager.

With Sopot Library Director Ewa Lewandowska and Polina Stobic, Przemysław Szczygieł spoke to a specialist in promotion and social media.

Miniteka has changed her seat. What does this practically mean for you and your readers? How do you feel about this new place?

Ewa Lewandowska (EL): Of course, we are very happy to be here. For people who visit us, they will feel this change more than it is for us. There is a lot of news. We have a new space for parents with children. We also have a garden at our disposal. In spring and summer, it will be a great place for kids to visit us. We are so proud of the new headquarters, because there really is something to be proud of! This is a new and beautiful space.

Paulina Stupio (PS): I think it is also worth adding that this building is adapted for people with disabilities. on the Mujahideen. Defenders of Westerplatte It was a little different, and here we have many amenities. There is parking for bicycles and cars. There is also a lift inside, no thresholds so everyone is welcome here.

EL: We also have space for parents with children who are still using their prams. This was also not the case in our former headquarters in the Mujahideen. Defenders of Westerplatte. At that time, these wagons had to either be left outside, or you had to carry them up. If my dad was visiting it would have been less of a problem, but when my mum came to visit us and had to bring the pram, she had a problem. He can only stop it here.

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How was this space adapted to Miniteka’s needs?

EL: The project was created about six years ago, but it has changed a lot during this time. There were different ideas for this space. In fact, until the end, the director of Miniteka – Joanna Kujawska-Frejlich – and her staff worked to adapt this space even more so that the children would go crazy with them here. It wasn’t easy, but I think we were able to make the best possible effect.

note: It should be noted that the puppet theater, which was once of great interest, has been preserved. All actors – I mean dolls – have their place here, but this space feels different, and most of all it’s new and you can feel it with every step. We have the most beautiful furniture, bright colors and a cheerful design. The novelty is also a room for parents, where they can wait alone or with their children. It is equipped with educational literature and books on building relationships or raising children in general.

How often are puppet shows held in your place?

EL: So far, they are held twice a month. We will not change this. The novelty is that the space is smaller, but for us this is not so much an obstacle as a challenge. We will also work more frequently in the city space. In addition, each of the seven branches of Sopot Library will host activities aimed at children. Agata Walińska, an employee of Miniteka, will supervise the course.

Of course, what happened so far in Miniteka, such as the Pacynka Theater, reading fairy tales, art workshops, numerous occasional balls – all this will remain with us. We will not change that.

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The ladies talked about the various activities that you prepare for children in the branches of the Sopot Library. What is planned for this year? What can we expect?

EL: For example, in the “Blanket and Book” branch, we plan to organize events focused on art education. We will develop children through contact with art. We are also planning robotics and programming classes, environmental workshops…

note: … interviews with psychologists.

EL: Yes, there is a lot of it.

note: In addition, we also stay with a permanent offer. The Broadway chapter organizes Little Reader Academy. There they meet mainly children from the Brodwino estate, take part in fairy tale readings and art workshops. The same goes for Branch 6. We also plan to continue the fairy-tale meetings there. There are regular groups of kids with us who really come to these classes every week.

How many children usually attend such classes?

note: There are usually ten or so children. Now, due to the pandemic, we have to comply with the restrictions, but as far as we can accept them per square meter, where many children come. (He laughed)

EL: In the case of today’s theater we have fifteen seats, but it will be repeated. Children who, unfortunately, did not enter today, will be able to watch it yet. Unfortunately, we have our limitations. In any case, the performance around Migotka will be presented again and we warmly invite you to it.

Hearing all this, you can feel that the modern library is a real cultural center. What you do, after all, is beyond many people’s imaginations of how these kinds of places work. How is such an institution managed?

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EL: In a word – interesting. Sometimes I have so far that when I talk to my friends and they find out I’m a librarian, they tell me I probably have a lot of time to read at work. I would, but unfortunately not. (He laughed)

Although we are teachers and animators, we encourage reading and that is what most of our activities focus on. All our ministerial projects were around the book. We are not planning to change this.

Management will be difficult, but we have a very good team. I have to commend them for a whole year of hard work. It wasn’t easy. I am a young director and I had my ideas and they were able to understand how I wanted to act and they made it easier for me to put those ideas into action.

Thank you for the conversation.