Windows 10, the most popular operating system in the world, is by no means without flaws. However, when assessing how it works, it is important to remember the number of background processes that must be running in order to run without configuration on almost any hardware configuration. So, there’s nothing to bother with the fact that from time to time Windows likes to think about something for a longer period, or that a program will stop responding. It is a little worse when Explorer.exe is such a program, not only responsible for the system file manager – Windows Explorer – but also for the user interface part of the system, including the taskbar. I think that each of us has found ourselves in this unpleasant situation, where if the explorer freezes, then it cannot be processed from the taskbar, because it is simply not working. Thankfully, this will be over soon.

Microsoft is breaking the tax bar and file explorer

According to information from insiders who are just testing the next Windows update i.e. 21H2, there is a new library in system files, Taskbar.dll did not exist before. Despite the fact that this library is not working at the moment, it is very likely that its presence is the basis for separating the file manager from the taskbar, so that problems with the first do not affect the operation of the latter and do not completely prevent the user from using the computer.