Sony intends to help its teams a lot, while giving them creative freedom. The Japanese do not just want to “pump money” on developers, the right approach is to ensure many unique products. Jim Ryan’s words are related to Microsoft’s recent activities for a reason.

The Japanese are preparing to introduce new games targeting PS5 in small stepsHowever, the date of the upcoming show has not been confirmed yet. Currently, Jim Ryan is more and more in the media and giving interviews, which often highlight Sony’s philosophy.

Earlier, the head of PlayStation referred to Microsoft’s moves, saying that instead of buying more studios, the Japanese’s top plan is to focus on developing internal teams. The topic was brought up again in a recent interview with Axios where Ryan mentioned supporting teams – this is more important than “throwing money at them”:

“Cultivating creative talent is not as easy as spending money on it. You also need to give them the freedom to be creative, take risks and come up with new ideas.”

The PlayStation representative’s words can be reconnected with the movements of Microsoft, which has been investing heavily in studies in recent years Playground games and Ninja Theory are the best examples of this. After the acquisitions, the studios expanded to include new specialists, thanks to which they can now work on at least two big games at the same time.

Ryan emphasized that first-party teams should use Sony equipment in a creative way, resulting in the creation of unique titles. The Sucker Punch team, which created Ghost of Tsushima, has been cited as the best example of this strategy.

“we want to [deweloperzy first-party –] They used our equipment like a creative color palette.”