Although they never had a Saturday, and on Sunday, after six more series, held the lead, the Polish representatives clearly saw how skewed sport is the highway. After Maciej Janowski’s downfall, even Bartosz Smárzlyk’s victory wasn’t enough for the Polish team to win the first-ever gold medal in the Speedway of Nations.

The fourth edition of the Speedway of Nations, that is, the World Pairs Championship, provided great emotions for the fans. For the first time since the creation of this entertainment format, the Russians, who have so far won all the SoN editions, were not in the final stage. No wonder all Poland, players included, have seen their favorite white and red bricks become the new winners of the World Pairs Championship. To date, the Poles have won two silver and one bronze medals from these competitions.

In addition, the results of the 2021 season spoke for our representation. Bartosh Zmarzlik is the second, a Maciej Janowski Fifth competitor in this year’s Grand Prix series, i.e. the World Singles Championship. Reserve was a recent junior world champion – Jacob Mikoviak.

Great Poles on Saturday / Photo by Jaroslav Babigan

So when, if not now? – It seems that all Poles ask themselves this question. Saturday’s edition of the two-day final seemed to confirm these aspirations. The most important thing in the UN race is the result of running the pair. Therefore, 4 points are awarded for the victory. 2nd place allows you to save 3 points in the rating, and 3rd place 2. It is not enough to win single rounds. Points must be won in pairs.

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On Saturday, this task was accomplished fantastically by Polish motorcyclists. In their six starts, they brought in a total of 40 points out of a possible 42! Great Britain, which took second place in the rankings, lost 10 points to us. The Danes came third with 29 points.

The most important thing about Speedway of Nations is the collaboration / Photo by Jarosław Pabijan

But on Saturday, there were also serious falls. Already in the second series from the beginning, they finished their participation in the competition Pontus Aspigina I Jacob Thorsell. The Swedes tried to speed up from the outside, but there was no room for them and both hit the track and gang hard. Fortunately, both competitors did it alone, but were unable to continue riding.

This means that Koroni’s Tailor will be represented by a young team for the rest of the competition Philip Hellstrom Paing. However, the eighteen-year-old did not intend to throw up his arms, and in both races he made a gentle ride, trying to make the life of his competitors as difficult as possible.

In Saturday’s 18th race, in conditions similar to Sweden, he scored a touchdown Ty Wuffinden. The British hit the inflatable gang with force and did not get off the track for a long time. In the end, the three-time world champion left the track alone. However, he was not strong enough to appear in the Sunday edition of the competition. take his place Dan Bewley.

After Saturday, the British lost up to 10 points to the Poles / Photo by Jaroslav Babigan

Day two of the Speedway of Nations Finals greeted competitors with a slightly different track. All this was due to the rain that passed over Manchester earlier. The Danes presented themselves very well from the start. Leon Madsen It was just as fast on Saturday. Mikel Michaelsen He came to conclusions and after a bad Saturday, he shaved off his mustache and looked as good as his teammate. No way until the main stage of the competition.

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The Poles started a bit slow, losing to the British 4:5 and the Danes 3:6. Maciej Janowski was the last to come under the fence twice. It should be noted that the Magic lost its first engine during Saturday’s competition and had to find the right gear for the new unit. Fortunately, he succeeded in the most important part of the competition. Thanks to this, the Poles have defended their lead and can calmly prepare for the most important race of the weekend.

Before that could happen, the hosts and the Danes fought for the last free spot in the final. It was the players from Hamlet’s country who collected the most points on Sunday – 39. The British and Poles collected five fewer points. Therefore, Denmark can be the first to choose the starting fields.

Denmark vs Great Britain in the semi-finals of the SoN / Photo by Jarosław Pabijan

The playoff was full of emotions. Madsen came out brilliantly right from the start and seemed out of the reach of his rivals. However, two British men rode behind him. This arrangement of couples promoted the hosts’ promotion to the final. Mikel Michaelsen doubled and tried to pass Dan Bewley, but to no avail. Plus, in the final turn for Madsen, he overtook Lambert and the field was jubilant.

The Polish team started the Grand Final from the first and third grid starting. The British took the second and fourth course again. Zmarzlik came out fantastically right from the start and the very fast Janowski tried to join him. But Magic missed the fence and failed to control the bike, causing it to fall off the track!

This made the white and red gold go around again. Because even though Bartosz Smarzelec came to victory in the final round, Lambert and Pioli had enough places to finish second and third. Such a finish gave them six points, with four points for the Poles for the victory of Zimrazlik. And so the British came to the first team victory on the highway 32 years ago!

Great Britain is the world champion in motorcycling / Photo by Jaroslav Babigan

Both players and fans have a right to be bitter. This year’s victory was really close. However, the format of the competition is what it is, and in the end the team that wins the final duo wins. For the Poles, it will certainly be a lesson for the future.

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We don’t have to worry about whether our players will suffer the consequences. Polish Highway Riders are brilliant professionals who have proven more than once that they can turn failure into success. This is how the 2021 motorcycle racing season ended.

Cinematography: Jaroslav Babigan