In the message

  • Paid address 2.66038352 Bitcoin as sending fee of 0.01088549 BTC.
  • It was most likely accidental.
  • Blockstream suggests it could have been autotransfer, as there was no change.

It appears that someone paid 2,66038352 BTC (over $ 47,000) in fees for sending a measly 0.01088549 BTC (or $ 194.66, when dealing).

The hash of the transaction is 3ba0c9eaf3185898164518cda7e3433d1d2049188d737f2b2a7e188aaeb8b4deThe identity carrier is unknown, as are the reasons for disposing of all the money for a fee.

In all likelihood, this was a minor bug, the result of the user setting a file Bitcoin Transaction fee manually. This kind of thing has happened before –Someone made a more expensive fatal mistake last June, Dropping $ 2.6 million in fees to send $ 130 in ETH. It was the highest transaction fee ever paid for the transfer Ethereum.

He was a former candidate for Ethereum Registry this deal, As of February 2019, as someone spent $ 450K on fees (that anonymous switcher He later worked on the bug with Sparkpool, The mining pool to which they sent the fee).

Since there has been no change from the Bitcoin transaction, the Blockchain Explorer has suggested that it could be a autotransfer.

According to Bitinfocharts, the Average Bitcoin Transaction Fee It is only 0.00025 BTC, or $ 4.45. That’s down from the $ 13 (high of the year) in October. In fact, in late October, the Crypto whale was able to move more than a $ 1 billion BTC value from Bitcoin Xapo wallet provider to an unknown address and Pay only $ 3 in fees For transport.

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