Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said players “from different cultures” should receive education on racial issues after Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani wrote “gracias negrito” on Instagram after Sunday’s victory at Southampton.

The football coach confirmed that the Football Association had written to Uruguay for his comments on an incident for which Cavani apologized on Monday. The day before, he deleted the post, which came in response to a fan’s congratulations for scoring two goals in a 3-2 win.

Solskjær was asked if education via soccer was needed and pointed to Sky Sports analyst Gary Neville, who voiced this view Monday.

“I think so,” said Solskjaer. “I saw my neighbor said something [that] Maybe all guys coming from different cultures should be taught and I’m sure Edinson learned the hard way. We have reached out to Edinson and he deeply regrets his mistake. There was no malicious intent at all – it was just an affectionate greeting to his friend – but we made it clear to him [the situation].

“The Football Association asked him to explain it, so he will cooperate with them, and we will support him. It is one of those unfortunate situations where he just came to the country and in Uruguay he was using different [meaning/context] What we have [for the word] Therefore, we will support him and the Football Association. It is important for the FA to ask him to explain the matter and he is available for everyone to see because we want to be in the fight against discrimination with everyone. “

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United host Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday evening and need a point from their penultimate Group E game to qualify for the Champions League knockout stage. Solskjaer believes that the match against Paris Saint-Germain will strengthen Cavani, the French club’s record goalscorer, but the player could be affected by Sunday’s incident.

“Edinson is ready to play,” he said. “It’s special for him to play against Paris Saint-Germain, and that will affect him mentally, but from his knowledge that it gives him energy. It will work on his mentality today. [Tuesday] Tomorrow to be ready for the game.

The same is true [regarding] FIFA [case]. He has learned a lesson, and he may influence him, but he will only have to put him to one side when the match begins. The best players can do away with problems or ideas for a while and perform when they have to. “

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Solskjaer praised Cavani’s work ethic. “He is absolutely professional, [though] I couldn’t really get to know him, really closely due to the language barrier – we have to speak through someone else, ”the manager said.

Solskjaer said he would not hesitate to pick Anthony Martial in a position different from his favorite berth number 9, after Cavani performed superbly at the center on Sunday. Martial was unimpressed when Solskjaer’s predecessor Jose Mourinho nudged him to play on a large scale and chose Zlatan Ibrahimovic at the center of the attack.

“There is only one position here. We can only say between.” [two]: Dean Henderson and David De Gea [for goalkeeper]He said, “The rest of the players can play in as many positions as Donnie Van de Beek.”

Martial and De Gea are ready to face Paris Saint-Germain after he prevented the first disease from playing in Southampton and the latter was injured during the match.