Despite being threatened by variants such as Omicron BA.5, my country’s border policy is still in the direction of relaxation, and the total weekly arrivals have increased from 25,000 to 40,000. However, front-line staff spread the news that although the number of people entering the country has been eased, the number of staff and computer systems has not increased. Passengers have to “pass the health clearance certificate”, “wait for baggage clearance”, “wait for the saliva test”, “wait for taxis to prevent epidemics”, etc. 4 Many passengers feel that the procedure is too complicated, they are exhausted after a long flight, and they have to go through the multiple checkpoints set by the policy.

The Central Epidemic Command Center announced on July 7 that the number of people entering Taiwan will be reduced to 40,000 people per week from July 14. Exemption from booking two days before boarding the plane. From July 25, foreigners of 6 types of identities will be allowed to come to Taiwan, including volunteers, missionaries, study (religious teaching), international exchanges, vacation jobs (youth exchanges) and other foreigners, but not from Hong Kong and Macau.

Wang Bisheng, commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center, went to Taoyuan International Airport on July 22 to inspect the passenger entry flow, and said the process could be further improved, including CDC document checking, baggage handling speed, PCR and fleet inspection: the additional reduction may result in The waiting time for inbound passengers increases the number of incoming passengers per week.

As for the baggage of incoming passengers, they need to be sprayed with liquid medicine for 45 minutes in the locker, which will lead to the aircraft occupying the empty bridge, the flight will be suspended in one flight and the ground handling time will increase. Wang Bisheng said at the time that the disinfection regulations were revised in August last year. In about a year now, we’ll be doing a thorough review to see if we can make further improvements.

Although the commander went to the airport to inspect in person, the problem has not improved so far. The CDC quarantine officer told this newspaper that when passengers come to Taiwan, they face “pass health declaration certificate” in the first pass, and Taiwan still has “3 + 4” quarantine regulations. “Quarantine entry system” for electronic quarantine permit, which includes basic personal information, hotel or home address for home quarantine, etc. After filling that, you will receive a text message on your mobile phone when the plane arrives in Taiwan. The text message contains a barcode, and you need to scan the barcode when you get off the plane.

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The quarantine officer said that foreigners who do not have a Taiwanese mobile phone will be required to “purchase a Taiwan Telecom prepaid card” in the first pass, otherwise they will not be able to receive text messages and will not be able to carry out follow-up. Follow-up procedures. money to buy prepaid cards; Taiwanese living abroad ask family and friends to prepare or buy it on the spot; When faced with foreign spouses who do not understand Chinese, they often need the help of staff, but at the same time they have to deal with hundreds of passengers, just wait until the end to provide out-of-pocket assistance.

Quarantine staff pointed out that in addition to the problem of filling out the advertising system, another major problem is that there are “only 10 computers” to withdraw certificates, and this measure has recently been added due to the epidemic of the new crown. Not enough, 10 computers have already been placed. It is very narrow, planes arrive in Taiwan after 3 pm every day. 5,600 foreign passengers and workers often enter Taiwan at the same time within an hour. It takes 2 to 3 hours to deal with it. You have now faced a huge load of manpower and system. I am concerned that the number of people entering the country will continue to decline in the future, and that various measures to adhere to the quarantine of entry will be “fundamentally impossible to implement.”

Quarantine officials said that after passing the health statement to enter, they disembarked at the second stage “to wait for luggage to be unloaded.” Saliva test “Addition and multiplication.

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The fourth stage is “Waiting for a taxi to prevent the epidemic.” As long as passengers get impatient, they often vent their anger at the staff. They not only make fun of employees, but also use gestures to hit people, making them front-line employees miserable. I hope the central government can solve it as soon as possible, otherwise it will be a matter of time before the airport organizes a “complete martial arts”.

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