“Discovery Sports Events supports the FIM Council’s decision to suspend the Russian and Belarusian Motorcycle Federations. Therefore, Artiom Laguta and Emil Sajfutdinov will not compete in the FIM Speedway Grand Prix 2022 season. We hope to see them again at Speedway GP when the situation permits. .international”- François Ribeiro, President of Discovery Sports Events – New Grand Prix Promoter wrote.

Thus, speculation that Łaguta and Sajfutdinow might start a Grand Prix, say with a Polish licence, because they have Polish passports, is no longer relevant. The promoter has determined that both are not welcome on the course, regardless of what legal steps they take or change their nationality.

Now the Permanent GP’s office has to decide what to do next, i.e. who will replace the Russians on the course. There are many indications that they will be the first players on the so-called eligible reserve rosters, such as Jack Holder (Australia) and Daniel Bewley (UK).

SGP 2022 Reserve Cycle List:

1 – Jack Holder (Australia)

2 – Daniel Bewley (Great Britain)

3 – Andrei Lepidio (Latvia)

4 – Jacob Mikowiak (Poland)

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5 – Mads Hansen (Denmark)

6 – Luke Baker (USA)

7 – David Bellego (France)