After the season’s final competition at the Ice Cross, we know the Crystal Ball winners. Czech Iowa Samkowa and Austrian Alessandro Himerl won the Vysonaz and in the general ranking.

The last World Cup tournament this season was held in the Swiss resort of Vysonaz. The competition was going to be very exciting, because it was not known who would win the crystal ball to cross the skateboard to the end. In the overall ranking, Iowa Samqua and Michela Muyuli got the same number of points (350), so everything was due to be clarified on Saturday (March 20). The masters of Alessandro Himerl had 62 points, but everything was still possible.

In the women’s competition, Iowa did not defeat Samqua that day, having a great fight with Michelle Miuli in the Grand Final. Ultimately, the Italian had to settle for second place and himself at the end of the season. Charlotte Banks, this year’s world champion, was ranked third at Vysonaz. The crystal ball was won by Iowa Samkawa (450 points), who won the World Cup three times this season. Michel Mauli came second, with only 20 points difference, while Faye Golini finished third with 302 points. Interestingly, Julia Pereira only had one point lower, which shows how balanced the season is.

Female figure skating performance:

1 – Iowa Samkowa (Czech Republic)
2 – Michela Moyuli (Italy)
3 – Charlotte Banks (Great Britain)
4 – Julia Pereira (France)
5 – lindsay jacobles (usa)

General classification of women:

1. Iowa Samqua (Czech Republic) 450 points

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2- Michela Moioli (Italy) 430

3- Faye Jolene (United States) 302

4- Julia Pereira de Souza Mabello (France) 301

5. Charlotte Banks (UK) 285

We found out who would win the overall men’s ranking in the semi-finals, because runner-up Elliot Gunden was unsuccessful at this stage of the competition. Thus, Alessandro Himerl can be calm about the final victory, but he has not given it up and has shown that he is the best this season. The Austrian won every race and was also unbeaten in the final. Hagen Kearney was second and Merlin Surgit in third. The crystal ball went to the aforementioned Alessandro Himerl, who won the competition three times and collected 430 points. Second, Elliott Gunden scored 304 points, and Merlin Surget rose to third place with 252 points thanks to the podium in Visonaz.

Crossover results for men:

1 – Alessandro Hammerl (Austria)

2 – Häagen-Kearney (United States)

3 – Merlin Surgit (France)

4 – Adam Lambert (Australia)

5 – Lucas Bachner (Austria)

General classification of men:

1 – Alessandro Hammerl (Austria) 430 baguettes.

2 – Elliott Grondin (Canada) 304

3 – Merlin Surgit (France) 252

4. Glenn Blois (Netherlands) 247

5- Hagen Kearney (United States) 246

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