The National Criminal Agency of Slovakia has charged two out of four people arrested in recent days in connection with cooperation with Russian intelligence. Both pleaded guilty. They face 4 to 13 years in prison.

Tusk’s photo caused a storm. He met the leader of the pro-Russian and anti-EU “fascist” party

First, he warned against “surrendering to Putin”, and then met with the leader of the “fascist” party – how the Labor Party prefers …

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The charges relate to espionage and receiving financial benefits.

Slovakia accuses her of collaborating with Russian intelligence

heard them Ex-editor of a disinformation portal which, according to the Slovak services, has worked for Russian intelligence since April of last year.. He had to obtain information from a former assistant to a representative and from a former employee of the Slovak Information Service.

The accusations were also presented The former deputy head of the Liptovsky Military Academy Mikulas, who since 2013 was supposed to collect sensitive information for the Russians.

In the background, Ukraine

The Slovak Prosecutor, Daniel Lipsic, said they are concerned about the activities of NATO and the Slovak Armed Forces. – Lipsitch said that the information obtained by Russian intelligence also relates to Ukraine. During the searches, the police confiscated computers, data carriers and notes on meeting plans and communications. Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad stated that this was the beginning of the arrest of Russian intelligence agents. After the arrest of Russian spies, Slovakia decided yesterday to expel three Russian diplomats.

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