The media published the documents on which the court ruled Pavel Buczyk arrestedAnd the Who admitted to working with Russia. In his career, Buczek was ia Vice President of the Slovak Military Academy and an employee of the Slovak Ministry of Defense.

Buczka has been providing information to Russians since 2013. They were concerned, inter alia, with: military operations, exercises, training plans, air defense and weapons. For data transferred to memory cardsHe received money from the RussiansTotal of at least 46 thousand euro.

As Buczka testified, a few months ago the Russians were interested in specific information about Ukraine. They wanted to know if there were representatives of the Ukrainian army among the participants in some training courses for staff officers. From time to time, Buczka relayed information Direct to Russian agents, sometimes using call boxes.

During interrogation, Buczyk said that he wanted to end cooperation with Russia in 2019, but was afraid of threats against his family. When deciding to arrest the spy, the court did not take this translation into account. Boczko was captured two weeks ago as part of a military counterintelligence operation dubbed Matryoshka and Katyusha.