Mood deteriorated a little

Most of the session in the Asian markets is bearish, but the volume of change is small. Indices in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia are declining, but the Australian index is rising. Regardless of the decline in the Jakarta Index by about 2 percent. Other changes do not exceed 1%. In parallel, the CFDs on US indices are committed to yesterday’s levels, and in the case of the DAX CFD, we are seeing a drop below the 15,000 point level, which was happening yesterday.

Overnight in Japan, data on the change in industrial production were released in February. It turned out that the drop was bigger than expected. Production was expected to decrease by 1.2%. M / m, and the change was -2.1%. This helped weaken the Japanese yen further against the dollar. There was also data from China. PMI indicators appeared according to the Chinese CFLP Agency. The manufacturing sector turned out to be higher than it was in February – it rose to 51.9 points. Noteworthy is the service gauge, which jumped to 56.3 points in March. Against the reading from February at 51.4 points. Go to data for Europe and the UK. The last approach is to change the GDP in the fourth quarter of 2020. 1% growth was expected and the UK economy was reported to grow by 1.3%.

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