Swimmer Biszka’s biography is rich in color. During his sports career, he had many very good games and odd games off the field. However, he is certainly no ordinary footballer and will surely be remembered in Poland for many years to come.

However, it turns out that Sławomir Peszko has fans not only in Poland. Despite the fact that he is currently playing in Wiecza Krakow, which will play at the fourth league level from next season, the footballer is still receiving messages from fans.

As far as fans from Poland can understand, the message that the footballer praised on social media was a surprise. Peszko received a letter from the United States from a local football fan. Most importantly, he was not someone from the Polish diaspora.

He started his fan message in the US: “I love watching football and the World Cup in particular. I was really excited when Poland advanced to the World Cup in Russia in 2018. You seemed like a team dominating their group.”


“The World Cup is not an easy tournament. The matches against Colombia and Senegal were difficult, but you played well against Japan. I think Poland has a bright future, because you have many young players who will develop the team” – continued the fan from abroad.

Later in the letter, the foreign fan asked Sławomir Peszka for his autograph. Interestingly, the American boasted that he had autographs from all the Polish players who had played in the World Championships since 1974, and the only thing missing from the collection was the signature of current soccer player, Wieczyła Kraków.

This unexpected message certainly surprised the Polish footballer. After all, playing at the amateur level near Krakow, it is difficult to expect news from foreign fans. However, we are glad that Polish footballers are appreciated even in the United States.


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