The Swedish Bauhaus-League matches and the British League matches will take place on Thursday. Polish fans are looking forward to the Witland match where the hosts will play Bartosz Smárzlyk, Rossbijarna and Patrik Dudek.

Michel Gazewski

Bartosh Zmarzlik

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Three matches were played in the Swedish Football League (Paws Leganes) on Tuesday. Vetlanda Speedway and Rospiggarna Hallstavik will open the season on Thursday. Especially the home team looking very good – singles world champion Bartosz Smarzlik and our fellow countryman Shimon Wynnak, backed by Andreas Lieger and strong local players with Peter Leung at the front. The hosts will host a team from Halstavik, where Patrick Dudek and Kim Nelson must play the first violin.

Two matches will be held in Great Britain. Ipswich Witches, with veteran Scott Nichols replacing the injured Jason Crump, will face the last Kings Lane Stars, who are waiting for their first league points. Given the “stars” configuration, Ipswich can be difficult to make.

The match in Sheffield is being announced as the city’s first game since September 2019. The fans want to win, but at the start of the season Wolverhampton Wolves are doing much better, with Sam Masters having a very good start to the season, averaging 2,889 after two games! Wolves defeat their opponents and after two games in the top seven of the most effective league, there are up to five riders from Wolverhampton. Notably, an average of 2,556 American Broca Nicholas has been a Sheffield Tiger in the past.

lining up:

Bauhaus League

Vetlanda Speedway – Rospiggarna Hallstavik, Godz. 19:00, RELAX LIVE ->

Speedway in Finland: Bartosz Zmarzlik, Victor Palovara, Simon Wojniak, Andreas Leger, Peter Leung, Philip Helmland, Alexander Wenten.

Rosbigarna Halstavik: Kim Nelson, Kai Hockenbeck, Oleg Mikhailov, Patrick Dudek, Timo Lahti, Daniel Henderson, Oscar Holstenson.

Prime minister

Ipswich Witches – Kings Lynn Stars, at 20:30, RELATION LIVE ->

Ipswich witches: Scott Nichols, Jordan Stewart, Cameron Hibbs, Jake Allen, Daniel King, Anders Roe, Drew Kemp

Kings Lane Stars: Eric Rees, Louis Bridger, Thomas Jorgensen, Louis Kerr, Richard Lawson, Ryan Kingsley, Tyrone Proctor

Sheffield Tigers – Wolverhampton Wolves, Gods. 20:30, RELACJA LIVE ->

Sheffield Tigers: Troy Batchelor, Justin Sidgmen, Adam Ellis, Kyle Howarth, Jack Holder, James Wright, Josh Bates

Wolverhampton Wolves: Sam Masters, Luke Baker, Nick Morris, Ryan Douglas, Rory Schlein, Brooke Nicole, Tom Bacon

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