First, representatives of Poland competed there in the World Challenge match, and now Glasgow, Scotland, will host the Grand Prix Challenge participants. The club’s promoter spoke about the challenge of organizing the competition.

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Konrad Cinkowski, WP SportoweFakty: Last season we had a match in Glasgow as part of the World Challenge, when Great Britain faced the Polish motorcycle team. Now the Grand Prix challenge will come to Glasgow. What does this mean for the club?

Alan Dick, Glasgow Tigers promoter: This certainly means an increase in the profile of our club and a greater opportunity to attract the best players in the world to Glasgow.

How did this match even happen in Glasgow?

I am a promoter and at the same time a former owner of the club. We were asked to organize this meeting because we have a FIM 1 license. It was not difficult to convince the current activists to organize the competition.

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Let’s talk about the Grand Prix challenge. Who volunteered to organize the event – you, the FIM or the new SGP promoter?

So far, I haven’t spoken to anyone from Discovery Sports Events. Our negotiations were with Lydia Rubin, the FIA ​​coordinator in Switzerland. Perhaps the course promoter himself will contact us soon.

Is this the biggest challenge in the history of the Glasgow Tigers?

It will also be one of the most prestigious competitions Glasgow has ever hosted.

Perhaps organizing such competitions requires a lot of work and you need to take part in many people?

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Oh yeah, a lot of hard work. All club employees must participate in the organization of this event.

Asfhield Stadium meets all FIM requirements, is there any additional work before the Grand Prix Challenge final?

everyone. We have already organized several tournaments on behalf of FIFA, so we have good experience in this field and know what is needed and what to expect. First there were qualifying tournaments as part of the GP Challenge, and now we will be hosting the final itself.

An important aspect of organizing such competitions is funding. Can you count on sponsor support?

We have a group of trusted and good sponsors who will support us on many levels – from the entire competition partners, to individual races, and even competitors.

Revenue from ticket sales will also be an important factor. Are any tickets already known?

2,600 tickets will be available for sale. This is the capacity of our playground and we will not miss it. The stadium is small, especially considering Polish standards, but the fans are very close to the track, which will create a great atmosphere that the players will love!

The dream of every activist is a full audience in the stands. With this stadium capacity, you probably shouldn’t have any problems with it.

We will sell all tickets, so attendance will be 100% for sure! It’s a compact stadium, which means the fan noise will be loud, and competitors will surely hear it, whether when they hit the belt or after a winning race.

Are you not afraid of the potential restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic?

No, we are not worried. We are taking now, and we will also take precautions afterwards. However, there are still seven months to compete.

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Ending the audience topic – quick shot, will there be more Brits or Poles in the stands?

I think the British will create more fans, but there are many Poles who live in Glasgow, who are also fans of black sports, so we will warmly welcome them to the stadium. Today I invite you to a track that will provide exciting races.

Many Glasgow events were broadcast on a dedicated broadcast platform. Will fans certainly care if one of the season’s most important events will be broadcast?

It all depends on the FIM. Only they can say “yes” or “no”.

The track in Glasgow is only 302 metres, and even the world champions – Bartosz Smerzlik and Jacob Mikoviak, got into a lot of trouble during the World Challenge. What could be the key to success in the August competition?

Certainly, at the beginning of the competition, they had problems with the fact that they had never competed on this track before. Later, they somehow mastered it, but the experiment did its job, as explained, for example, by Tobiasz Musielak. Not only did he shine in this match, but he also won the GP Challenge elimination with full points.

So those who race in the British Isles on a daily basis might have a slight advantage. do you agree?

I think that’s what it could be, because they have some kind of regularity in our paths.

Concluding the topic of the Grand Prix Challenge, do you think that organizing this competition could be the first step in organizing the FIM Speedway Grand Prix 1?

We will definitely need to increase the stadium capacity before the Grand Prix arrives in Glasgow. However, this is something we wonder about.

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I also wanted to talk about the Glasgow Tigers Club. You already have seven players on the squad for the 2022 season. Unfortunately, Marcin Nowak is not in the squad…

We would like Marcin to be part of our team, but his commitments in Poland and to PZM do not allow him to. Moreover, he got married in October, and did not want to distance himself too much from his beautiful wife.

Marcin Nowak has stolen the hearts of the Scottish fansMarcin Nowak has stolen the hearts of the Scottish fans

Marcin makes no secret that the British motorway adventure is a good car racing school for him. It seems he did not disappoint. And how do you rate his performance in the colors of “tigers”?

Marcin was awesome! Our fans love him and we all hope that in the near future he will be able to return to the British Highway and be able to do so with our red and white colours.

Finally, please tell me who will we see in the colors of the Glasgow tigers?

Our team will be: Craig Cook, Tom Brennan, Danion Hume, Conor Bailey, Brooke Nicholl, Benjamin Basso and Ulrich Ostergaard.

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