Five runners under the belt, with a speed of more than 160 km/h and a length of 1,000 metres – this is in short the competition for the World Long Track Championship, which begins on Tuesday. The cast will include famous names.

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Long Track Competition

Press materials / Jesper Feldhuizen / Pictured: Long competition

The history of the competition dates back to 1957, when the first European Championship was held in Stockholm. The fight for the world championship has been going on since 1971, and Ivan Mauger was the first gold medalist, to have won the title three times in total.

The galaxy of stars, which also shines on long paths, is much larger. Ole Olsen, Egon Muller, Erik Gundersen, Shawn Moran, and Anders Michanek were also masters in this variety.

This year’s competition on motorcycles exceeding 160 km/h will begin on July 13 in Marmandy, France, where the surface is grassy. In such conditions, well-known players from Polish tracks will compete for points.

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The championship title will be defended by Lucas Finhaji, a player at Zdonik Vibersen Gdask. The series will also include riders such as Martin Smolensky, Joseph Frank, Chris Harris and Thomas H. Jonasson, who took part in the match in Poznan on Sunday.

The cast includes 15 players and two substitutes. The main round consists of 15 races, followed by a semi-final and a final. In each race, five highway racers are placed below the belt, and the winner adds four points to his score.

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The Challenge Championship is scheduled to take place in Pardubice on August 22nd. The next rounds of the course will be held in Rzeszów (August 28), Morizes (September 4) and Herxheim (September 19).

start menu:
109. Zach Wajtknecht (Great Britain)
79. Jacob Buchhav (Denmark)
84. Martin Smolensky (Germany)
115. Theo Bijber (Netherlands)
104. Gaitan Stella (France)
444. Josef Frank (Czech Republic)
125. Lucas Finhag (Germany)
10. Bernd Denner (Germany)
37. Chris Harris (Great Britain)
63. Dave Mejrink (Netherlands)
30. Thomas H Jonasson (Sweden)
93. James Sheen (Great Britain)
15th. Dimitri Berg (France)
86. Heinek Steschauer (Czech Republic)
666. Romano Hummel (Netherlands)
16. Julian Kaer (France)
17. Jordan Dubernard (France)

Start of the competition: July 13 (Tuesday), 21:15

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