After the end of this year’s championship, the club’s future is in question. In the meantime, Metalika Recycling Kolejarz Rawicz will not only qualify for League Two, but also join the League in a team guaranteed to fight for high goals.

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Metalika Recycling Kolejarza Rawicz's competitors

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We are assessing the strength of Metalik Recycling Kolejarza Rawicz ahead of the 2022 Speedway League Two season (scale 1-6).


patriotic seniors

After the season, Szymon Szlauderbach left the team, and Daniel Kaczmarek was in his place. The Polish junior champion lost two unsuccessful seasons. In 2021, he appeared in the very rare Arged Malesa Ostrów colors. However, he is still a player with great potential, who can score high points in the second division.

Damien Drodo will definitely be able to do a lot. This past season he has already shown that he can be the captain of the team. The formation will be completed by the highly experienced Damian Palinski.

evaluation: 4.

old foreigners

One of the transfers in the tournament’s third tier was the transfer of Sam Masters from Texom Stali Rzeszów to Metalik Recycling Kolejarza Rawicz. The Australian could compete boldly in the back of the PGE Ekstraliga, but decided to stay in the second league.

One of the league’s biggest revelations is probably Ryan Douglas. The Great Britain native has scored very well and although he is 28 years old, he is still developing. Matic Ivacic, Josh Pickering, Nick Skorga and Bradley Wilson Dean are still on the bench. Each of them could be a strong second streak in League Two.

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evaluation: 4+.


At the moment, only one player name appears in the Rawicz club team. Stephen Gorrett showed good performance during the Speedway of Nations. The 21-year-old has not yet played in the Polish league and although he has a chance of doing well here, his actions are currently unknown.

evaluation: 1.

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Where will Metalika Recycling Kolejarz Rawicz take him in the 2022 season?

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