The Polish team started the race in the 2022 season with a 51:38 victory over the Rest of the World team. Maciej Janowski added nine points to Rafay Dobroki’s accusation achievements.

Konrad Senkowski

Maciej Janowski

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Szmyd / Pictured: Maciej Janowski

It’s a very intense weekend for Maciej Janowski. The rider on Saturday scored his arrival in Croatian Gorikan, where he battled for points in the first round of the MotoGP Grand Prix. From there he went to Czestochowa, where he took part in the next PGE Ekstraliga match, and after several hours he was present in Bydgoszcz at the match of the Polish national team with the rest of the world team.

In the facility, Abramsek Poloni Yanovsky scored nine points. The result could have been more impressive, had it not been for the hardware problems of the pole’s second appearance.

– A pebble fell into the nozzle and the motorcycle didn’t get fuel, so I got out right after the start – Janowski explained on TVP Sport.

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Maciej Janowski does not hide that this type of event for the players themselves is an opportunity to test and train in a slightly better atmosphere. Fun competition. We have tried different things. We don’t have many chances to start in Bydgoszcz, so it’s also a fun science – he added.

Grand Prix Series runner-up Philip Czezanowski asked if during this type of match, when the track is filled with world-class motorcyclists, he is not eager to prove his high level and “frighten his rivals”, or because of a purely social character, this The pressure is a little lower?

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The game is friendly, but we cannot allow ourselves to be too flexible, because we lose focus and things can happen. Sure enough, we’re all focused and leave with confidence to win – Janowski commented.

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