Argentina is certainly not one of the most developed highway nations. Never before has a man from this country managed to compete on the international stage, and the most distinguished competitors race under other flags. The last story, of course, is about Nikola Covati. The 33-year-old recently represented Italy at the Speedway of Nations and can boast of a rich resume, especially in the UK.

Despite the lack of success, Diego Maradona’s country is full of motorcycle racing enthusiasts who organize the Argentina Singles Championship every year. Due to the late competition time, the competition is popular among motorcyclists from other regions of the world. In the past, in South America, Jakub Jamróg, Pawe Miesiąc and Dawid Stachyra, among others, have competed with very good results.

Last Sunday, the first round of this year’s championship was held at the facility located in Bahía Blanca, which had an amazing track. One of the candidates, Christian Zubelaga, suffered a nagging injury in the early stages of the competition. The 24-year-old didn’t mean to worry too much about his health and, despite the pain, finished off the competition in an impressive second place. But a few hours into the final round, his title dreams faded like a soap bubble, as x-rays showed…a broken arm!

The public was informed of this fact by Marius Vierlij, another man from Poland who loves black Argentine sports. The former highway racer has revealed what the rivalry looks like behind the scenes there. – There, no one gets hundreds of thousands of euros for signatures and for thousands of points! Guys ride the highway there because they love it! They run for only a few pesos. Sitting in garages, rummaging around the gates, trying to do something out of nowhere! Every time I go there, I take two bags of spare parts for trade, but in fact I will give half of it when I see what happens there – our compatriot wrote on Facebook

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As you can see, driving for a pittance does not discourage local players, who are still ahead in a few rounds. Next one is on December 18th. After the first competition, Michel Paco Castagna is in the lead. The Italian at Bahia Blanca was flawless and won by all points.